D Special (50-60) and C Special (30-40) Night Pennants

The end of June saw the conclusions of D Special and C Special pennant seasons.

  • D Special / Tuesday night was won by Michael Hurley, Ian Macmillan & Stephen Powell
  • C Special / Thursday night was won by Hugh Schultz & Roger Wood

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Wednesday, 3rd Jul

Pennant is a great way to play a range of different players and socialise after the rigours of match play - some seem to revel the most in these social aspects.

There are a few seasons coming up for the remainder of 2024. Feel free to arrange a team of your own, or contact the Pros and sign yourself up and we will slot you in a team.

Volunteering as a fill-in for one week is a great way to get involved with minimal commitment.

Pennant Seasons for the remainder of 2024:


  • Winter Doubles Pennant (48+)
  • B Special Pennant (h’cap 17-30)


  • Young members u35 Spring Pennant
  • Boomerang Style Pennant
  • Young Players (u 35) A/B Pennant


  • Women’s Pennant (new for 2024)
  • A/B Doubles Pennant

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