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Courts can be booked online using RMTC BookingSheet (updated from 1 Nov 2023) or through the Pro Shop. Your existing RTO (Real Tennis Online) number and password carry across to this new system.


Our team of Professionals make the members’ time at the Club a thoroughly enjoyable experience.The Professionals will help arrange games for you with players of a suitable standard and also give lessons and coaching for members.


Check your current handicap (singles and doubles) and your opponent's on Real Tennis Online (RTO). Use the online calculators to work out the start score for each game. Use your RTO number and password as used for the RMTC Booking System.


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  • International

2024 U.S. Open

Racquet Club of Philadelphia | Tue, 20th Feb | 12:00 am

The 2024 U.S. Open Tennis is being played at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia - from February 20- 29. Featuring the top players worldwide, this year’s U.S. Open promises to be full of action-packed tennis.

The complete draws, times, U.S. Open Program are posted on the USCTA website, all matches will be streamed on the USCTA YouTube Channel.

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  • Tournament

Old Scholars Handicap Doubles

RMTC | Sun, 25th Feb | 9:00 am

Pairs must have a mutual connection to an educational institution. Grab yourself a partner and find the loosest academic connection you can think of, bonus points for the most entertaining connection. Come in to the club or give us a call in the pro shop to sign up and get involved in one of the most fun tournaments on the calendar.

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  • Clinics

Junior Clinics (u16) - Feb

RMTC | Sun, 25th Feb | 3:30 pm

Open to players 16 years and under. Time to be confirmed.


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Boomerang Cup

Thursday, 8th Feb

We are pleased to report that the 2024 Boomerang Cup has been a success. 21 teams participated in this year’s Boomerang with a strong showing of overseas players from the UK and several new faces from the USA and Netherlands. We also had another strong showing from Ballarat and representation from Sydney.

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Australian Open Singles and Doubles

Thursday, 8th Feb

We had another exceptional Australian Open with many of the world's best player competing. John Lumley was the outstanding player of the event, winning both the Singles and the Doubles titles. He was pushed to 5 sets by his doubles partner, Steve Virgona, in the semi final and then 4 sets in the final by Nick Howell but was able to overcome both challenges.

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Young Members End of Year Tournament - Sat. 16 December

Tuesday, 16th Jan

We had a broad array of participants in this year's End of Year Tournament with 24 players taking part and paired up for the annual Christmas tournament – the festive spirit was palpable! Some stellar handicap tennis was played between two pools on both courts. The melodic Christmas cheer was quickly replaced by the dulcet tones of the winning gallery and backchat from the deadens.

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Christmas Breakfast Tournament - Fri. 15 December

Tuesday, 16th Jan

Many thanks once again to Jonathan Sear for an expertly run tournament followed by the world-renowned scrambled eggs. Congratulations to Jeff Gooden for taking out the trophy by finishing with the third most games won.

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Alan Hamer Cup Club Doubles Championship - Sun. 10 December

Tuesday, 16th Jan

There was only a final of the Club Doubles Championship this year with a number of players unavailable to play due to injury. It was a very high standard match with 4 of the best amateurs in the countries slogging it out in a best of 5 set match.


Real tennis is a high strategy racket sport with a pedigree that can be traced back to the twelfth century. It is the original racket game from which are descended most modern racket games including lawn tennis (now called tennis) and squash.

Real tennis is a unique game which provides:

  • significant physical and technical challenges for all levels of player
  • a demanding test of skill, agility, court craft and strategy
  • a handicapping system that allows players of varied ability, age and experience to compete on equal terms.

Real tennis is played by sports enthusiasts of all ages and levels. Around the world you might call the game different things – ‘real’ tennis in Australia and Britain, ‘court’ tennis in the US, and ‘jeu de paume’ in France – to players, it is simply ‘tennis’.

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