Royal Melbourne Tennis Club

Royal Melbourne Tennis Club

History of RMTC

tthe Royal Melbourne Tennis Club was opened in 1882 by Lord Normanby, located in Exhibition Street in the centre of Melbourne.  The Club consisted of a tennis court and club rooms, and later squash courts and a swimming pool were added.

During the 1970s, the Committee sold the Exhibition Street site and boldly purchased the Richmond site in 1974, which included several houses in Richmond Hill, allowing for a bigger Club and expansion plans.  The new building boasted two real tennis courts, two squash courts, a car park, a private garden, and swimming pool and beautiful surrounds that some call ‘the hidden oasis’.

The Royal Melbourne Tennis Club building and grounds were designed by Melbourne architect Daryl Jackson, built in 1974.

The new Club site was opened in 1975 by Lord Aberdare, President of the Tennis & Rackets Association.


Today, the Club has a relaxed feel with people popping in for social occasions, tennis, lunch on Wednesday and Friday, and the many evening Pennant events. We run a full calendar of events with something for players of all standards.  The schedule is full nearly every weekend.

We’re Celebrating!


At Sherwood Street, Richmond, 1974 – 2017


The Club is centrally located on Richmond Hill, 10  minutes from Melbourne CBD and includes:

  • 2  real tennis courts
  • Squash court
  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Secluded garden and BBQ area
  • Dining area for lunch (Wed & Fri) and self catering kitchen
  • Club room overlooking court with honour bar
  • On-site accommodation for club head professional
  • Private Car Park for members in Strode Place


Buses run along Punt road, conveniently stopping nearby on Punt Road/Rowena Parade. The train stops in Richmond, and is conveniently a 10 min walk to the Club. The club has a private car park for members to use when playing.

Catch a #75 or #48 trams from the city along Wellington Parade (#75 from Flinders St, #48 from Collins St) to the first stop on Richmond Hill opposite Epworth Hospital.  Less than 10 minutes from the city centre.

Premier Events

Our premier regular event is the Boomerang Cup, established over 20 years ago.  In January 2014  we hosted the Australian Open (Men’s and Ladies) and in May we hosted the World Championship.  We saw the great champion, Rob Fahey retain the title for the 13th time; this time against challenger Camden Riviere.

We have also been fortunate to host the Women’s World Championship over the years.  The 2011 event attracted the best players in the world, and cemented Claire Vigrass as Champion, with her first World Championship victory.

Our Members

Why would you be interested in joining?  

The RMTC is a friendly club, with playing members ranging from 11 to 80+

We offer a range of activities including:

  • School holiday junior programmes
  • Young members evenings and tennis events (under 35 years old)
  • Lessons with the best professional team in the world, including world no.2 Kate Leeming
  • Ladies events, tennis tournaments and  social nights, e.g pizza nights, which are fun and affordable with entertainment/music
  • Opportunity to represent the RMTC in international events and tours

Our Professionals

Our team of Professionals make the members time at the Club a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

It is said that being a member of RMTC is like having a personal assistant to help organise your tennis. That’s because the professionals help arrange games for you with players of a similar standard. They try to get to know when you like to play and help get you on court. It’s a wonderful service they provide to the members.

Our professional team are also busy hand making our 14 sets of 56 tennis balls, stringing racquets, taking lessons and clinics, marking competition matches and organising tournaments. There is also a range of tennis apparel available to purchase from the Pro-shop.

We are blessed to have a very experienced Pro team, headed by Frank Filippelli & Jonathan Howell and includes Kate Leeming, John Woods-Casey and Scott Girvan. They have worked in many Clubs throughout the world, ranked highly as players and know their craft well. Their contribution is greatly appreciated by the members.

Real Tennis

Real Tennis

rreal tennis is the original racquet sport from which the modern game of lawn tennis, or tennis, is descended. Real tennis is still played by enthusiasts on 47 existing courts in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and France.

Real Tennis has its origins in Europe during the Middle Ages. Though tennis is traditionally thought of as the game of kings, early records show that it was widely played among the French clergy. It is thought the monastic style buildings lent themselves to games played within the quadrangles and games that utilised the walls. The balls were first made from the monks’ discarded robes. Among the English kings Henry VII, Henry VIII, Charles I and Charles II and James II are all known to have played, with Henry VIII being responsible for the Royal court, which still exists at Hampton Court Palace.

The Real Tennis World Championship is the longest running continuous world championship of any sport. Australian Robert Fahey, a former RMTC professional, is the current world champion. Rob successfully defended his title in May 2014 at the RMTC against Camden Riviere.  Our game has since 2001 also conducted the World Tennis Doubles Championship, which our club has also been fortunate to host in 2014.

We are also fortunate to have hosted the womens world championship in 2011, where Claire Vigrass won her first championship. Claire is the current women’s world champion (2015) and continues to raise the bar, regularly competing against men and a true ambassador for women’s tennis.

Keep in touch
18 Sherwood Street Richmond 3121
Call us: +61 (3) 9429 9788 – Email us: ♦

Drop us a line

T: +61 (3) 9429 9788

A: 18 Sherwood Street
      Victoria 3121


Head Professional – Frank Filippelli
Deputy Head Professional – Jonathan Howell

Professional – Kate Leeming
Professional – John Woods-Casey
Professional – Scott Girvan

Strength & Conditioning

M: 0408 663 623

By Appointment only Mon/Wed/Fri

Contact: Honni Rooney


T: +61 (3) 9429 9009

F: +61 (3) 9428 3280


Contact: Helen Pritchard (Mon-Thurs)

Club Dining

T: +61 (3) 9429 9788

A: 18 Sherwood Street
      Victoria 3121

Contact: Pro shop for bookings (Wed & Fri)


President – Greg Cornish
Vice President – Richard Simpson
Honorary Secretary – Kathryn Arndt
Treasurer – Rudi Michelson

Tennis –Vince Scopelliti
Social – Jo See Tan
Membership – Julie Baker
Building, house and grounds – Wally Cockram

Committee Member: Owen Guest





Events Calendar

January 2018

1 – 8 | Australian Men’s & Women’s Open | Hobart

6 – 20 | Boomerang Cup

February 2018

2 | First Friday of the Month

6 | D-Grade Pennant (h’cap 60+)

8 | B-Grade Pennant (h’cap 27-36)

11 |Young Members (u35) Summer Pennant

17 | Young Members (60 Years & Under) Handicap Doubles

18 | 100 Years & Over Handicap Doubles

24 | Quarterly Medal #1 

March 2018

2 | First Friday of the Month

4 | Old Scholars Handicap Doubles

4 | Junior Clinics (u16)

10 – 12 | Percy Finch Racket & PF2 (RMTC v HRTC) | Hobart

10 – 12 | Australian Amateur Doubles | Hobart

17 – 18 |C Grade Club HC Championship (31-40)

21 | Introduction Night

23 – 25 | Aus Amateur Women’s Singles & Doubles | Ballarat

25 | Platinum 70+ Handicap singles event

April 2018

3 | D Special Pennant (h’cap 50-60)

5 | A Grade Pennant (h’cap 10-20)

6 | First Friday of the Month

7 | Duke of Edinburgh Charity Event

14 | Young Members (u35) Tournament (bring a friend)

17 & 19 | Junior Clinics (u16)

24 – 28 | World Championship | Queen’s Club, London

25 | Anzac Day Trophy


May 2018

4 | First Friday of the Month

5 – 6 | Exhibition Street Cup

16 | AGM and Trophy Presentation

19 – 20 | B Grade Club HC Championship (20-30)

20 | Junior Clinics (u16)

25 | Empire Day Breakfast Tournament

26 | Quarterly Medal #2

June 2018

1 | First Friday of the Month

5 | C Grade Pennant (h’cap 40-50)

6 | Introduction Night

7 | B Special Pennant (h’cap 17-27)

9 – 11 | Alan Hamer Cup Club Doubles Championship

16 | RMTC v MCCRTS | Ballarat

22 – 24 | Victorian Amateur Championships | Ballarat

23 – 24 | D Grade Club HC Championship (41-50)

29 – 1 Jul | Tasmanian Amateur Championships | Hobart

30 – 1 Jul | Richmond Cup Club HC Championship (66+)

July 2018

6 | First Friday of the Month

7 – 8 | Richmond Silver Racket

17 & 19 | Junior Clinics (u16)

22 | Christmas in July Mixed Doubles

27 – 29 | Victorian Open Singles & Doubles | RMTC

August 2018

3 | First Friday of the Month

4 | Quarterly Medal #3

5 | Young Members (u35) Winter Pennant

7 | C Special Pennant (h’cap 30-40)

12 | Junior Clinics (u16)

17 – 19 | Australian Amateur Juniors | Hobart

18 – 19 | Sherwood Cup Club HC Championship (51-65)

24 | RMTC v The Jesters (J Buckley)

25 – 26 | Larwood & Eureka Cups (RMTC vs BTC) | RMTC

September 2018

1 | North African Doubles Tournament & Dinner

5| Introduction Night

7 | First Friday of the Month

7 – 9 | Australian Amateur Singles | RMTC

16 | Internationality Handicap Doubles

21 | MCC v Sydney | RMTC

22 | Barry Toates Trophy (RMTC v Sydney) | RMTC

30 | Grand Final Handicap Doubles

October 2018

2 | Junior Clinics (u16)

4| Junior Clinics (u16)

5 | First Friday of the Month

13 | Quarterly Medal #4

14 | Joan M Hayne Handicap Doubles

16 | D Grade Spring Pennant (60+)

18 | A/B Grade Doubles Pennant

19 – 21 | Tasmanian Open Singles & Doubles | Hobart

19 | Trafalgar Day Breakfast Tournament

20 | Platinum Cup (70+ doubles handicap)

27 – 28 | Australian Masters Championships (Over 50s – 75+ Singles & Doubles)

28 | Junior Clinics (u16)

November 2018

2 | First Friday of the Month

7 | Introduction Night

11 | Diamond Handicap Doubles (under 60)

17 – 18 | President’s Cup + Judith Clarke Cup (RMTC vs Hobart) | RMTC

26 | Parent & Offspring (16+) Handicap Doubles

December 2018

1 | JB Box Trophy

2 | Finals Day inc. Gold Racket

6 | Club Christmas Cocktail Party

8 – 9 | A Grade Club Championships (19 HCP & below)

14 | Christmas Breakfast Tournament

15 – 16 | Young Members (u35) Tournament & BBQ inc. Jim Bailey Cup (u26 Handicap Singles)

Major Tournaments

Upcoming Tournaments in 2019

  • World Doubles Championship | Hobart | Jan 2 – 6
  • Australian Men’s & Women’s Open Singles & Doubles | Melbourne | Jan 8 – 15
  • Roo Trophy | Melbourne | Jan 12 – 19
  • Ladies World Championship| Ballarat | Jan 20 – 26

The Roo Trophy 2019

at the Royal Melbourne Tennis Club

12 – 19 January 2019


Advance Notice

The Roo Trophy 2019

Melbourne has consistently been voted as one of the world’s most liveable cities, and there will be no better time to be here than in January 2019.

Not only is the handicap singles and doubles Roo Trophy (12-19 Jan) being played at RMTC but preceding the Roo we have the World Doubles championship in Hobart (2-6 Jan) and the Australian Open in Melbourne (8-15 Jan) running in conjunction with the Roo. After the Roo the Ladies Singles World Championship is being played in Ballarat (20-26 Jan).

Don’t forget about that other tennis championship being played at Melbourne Park over the two weeks starting 14 January, and there’s test cricket in Sydney against India, and a one day international at the MCG. Also on the agenda could be road cycling, music festivals, the southern hemisphere’s largest keelboat regatta, and the National Gallery of Victoria has a sensational triennial exhibition across all four gallery floors.

So, if you arrive in Melbourne a week before the Roo starts, you can watch the world’s best tennis players competing in Hobart then returning to Melbourne for the Australian Open during the Roo while watching lawn tennis and cricket.

After the Roo, you could possibly spend a few days in Ballarat to see Claire Fahey defend her World Championship, before heading to Port Phillip bay for the sailing.

The Roo Trophy is open to all amateur players, of any standard, and will follow previous years’ successful format of knockout and repechage handicap singles event, and round-robin handicap doubles. Registrations of interest are welcomed immediately; entry forms will be available during Q3 2018. Billeting will be available and social functions will feature a cocktail evening and a Grand Final dinner.

Email enquiries:

Billets needed

If you’d like to host an overseas player throughout the Roo, please get in contact with the proshop.



Monday 14 January at 6.00pm @ RMTC


Saturday 19 January at 6:30pm @ RMTC

Please email the proshop if you’d like to attend the functions as a non-player.



Annual General Meeting


The Royal Melbourne Tennis Club currently has no employment opportunities available.

Real Tennis is the original racquet sport from which the modern game of tennis is derived.  The sport is played on 43 courts in Australia, UK, USA and France.  In Australia, there are courts in Hobart, Ballarat and The Royal Melbourne Tennis Club (RMTC) in Richmond.

The RMTC has two courts and over 500 members.  We have an active membership and play seven days a week.

The RMTC has a strong tradition of producing top class Real Tennis Professionals.  Many of the ‘Pros’ that have worked at the Club are now working in the USA and UK as Head Professionals.  We are committed to improving and strengthening our professional team and if further opportunities arise they will be published here.




Camden Riviere defeated Chris Chapman in the Australian Open Men's Singles 2015

Camden Riviere defeated Chris Chapman in the Australian Open Men’s Singles 2015

Our Facilities
Finals Day 2013
Making Balls
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