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RMTC Grays Xtra-Tech Racket

The RMTC Grays Xtra-Tech racket with a natural wood finish and sporting the RMTC crest and colours.

The Xtra-Tech boasts a triple layer of leathered veneer in the head, adding strength and power (stiffness) with great balance and feel. It is the racket of choice for #TeamGrays players and developed by some of the sports top professionals.

Grays' most successful racquet ever!

Weight (unstrung & without grips): 366 ~ 370 grams

RMTC Grays Semi-Tech Racket

Grays Semi-Tech racket with a natural wood finish and sporting the RMTC crest and colours.

A double layer of leathered veneer is used in the head adding strength without added weight. The Semi-Tech's unique laminate blend leads to a lighter feeling head - a great 'sweet spot' of balance and power.

Weight (unstrung & without grips): 360 ~ 370 grams

Grays CLX-Pro Racket

Designed to celebrate Grays 160 years in racquet manufacture, the CLX features four layers of leathered thickness for greater shock absorption.

This matt black racquet plays with a heavier yet softer feel, ideal for the 'touch' player.

Weight (unstrung & without grips): 360 ~ 370 grams

Pro Tip: The most stiff and long lasting racket in the Pro Shop stock. Ideal for hard hitters!

RMTC Club / Grays Standard Racket

The RMTC Club / Grays Standard racket, sporting the RMTC crest and name in gold.

This classic, entry level frame is an ideal frame for new players. The Standard has remained unchanged for decades and remains a popular choice for players of all levels.

Weight (unstrung & without grips): 345 ~ 355 grams

Pro Tip:
Only 3 Club / Standard rackets remaining in the Pro Shop stock (as at Dec 2020). Act now before they are all gone.

Grays Junior Racket

Grays junior frame retains the regulation sized head with a three inch reduction in the shaft length. This reduces the feel of 'Head weight' and puts less strain on the younger wrist.

Weight (unstrung & without grips): 300 ~ 310 grams

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