The Royal Melbourne Tennis Club
134 Years
2 November 2016 Weekly News
Head Professional: Frank Filippelli (
Editor: John Woods-Casey

  • 9              6-8pm New member Intro evening                                President
  • 11            First Friday of the Month Drinks
  • 13            Junior Clinic (u16)                                                             Pros
  • 13            Combined Under 60 H’cap Doubles Tournament      P Rosedale
  • 19-20       President’s Cup                                                                President
  • 27            Parent & (16+) Offspring Handicap Doubles             Pros
  • 28            Gold Racket Qualifier 6.00pm                                      Tennis Cttee


  • 3              JB Box Trophy                                                                  A Schnaider
  • 4              Finals Day incl Gold Racket                                          Tennis Cttee


Real Tennis Injury Survey – notice from the Club President.

The RMTC committee is enthusiastically supporting a professional survey of real tennis injuries, initiated in Melbourne, but which will be provided to players from Melbourne, Ballarat and Hobart clubs. As far as we are aware, no such survey has ever been done before. The survey, being run by a group of specialist sports injury physiotherapists at LaTrobe University, if successful, could lead to improved approaches to injury prevention and treatment, or even to trials for treatment processes. The names, contact details and backgrounds of the physios involved are listed on the survey forms. If you have any questions you can contact either them or the liaison person (tennis player from RMTC), also listed on the form.

The survey is available from the club pros as a paper document, or can be done online at the website shown below. Since the aim is to determine the frequency of different types of injury, it is important for all players, injured or not, to fill in the form. Players with no injuries (if there are any!) can fill in the form in a couple of minutes maximum, while players with lots of injuries may need 5-10 minutes. Note that the information gathered will be anonymous, so no linkage to individuals. The club encourages all members to complete the survey, which will be available at the beginning of November and run over a month or so. If you can, the web version is preferred as the data is then automatically recorded, rather than having to be translated from a handwritten document.

If successful, the results may well be published in a scientific journal, and made available to clubs all over the world, and of course to all our members. Similarly, if there are eventually outcomes to improve prevention or treatment, these will also be shared with all clubs in the world.

Website address for survey:
Fred Kininmonth – RMTC President


Introduction Night at the Club – Wednesday 9 Nov
The club needs good new members and we ask for your help to raise awareness of the game with your friends and colleagues. Take this opportunity to bring a friend to the club and let us introduce him/her to our great game.

Combined Under 60 Handicap Doubles Tournament – Sunday 13 Nov
Look out! A new tournament has appeared on the calendar. If you like playing doubles and you can find a partner whose handicap combines with yours to produce a number under 60, this is your tournament. Bring your abacus to the pro shop and have a squizz at the list of players by handicap and work out your best combination.

Junior (U16) Clinic – Sunday 13 Nov
Weekend junior clinic. We want young people to get to know our game and our club. Please help us reach them by encouraging young people you know to come along to this easy and fun session.

President’s Cup – Saturday-Sunday 19-20 Nov
The annual Melbourne vs Hobart pennant match is in Melbourne this year so the Hobartians will be sending their team. We will meet them on the tennis courts and in the restaurants and hopefully come out victorious. Join our President Robert Kininmonth and sign up for the tennis for one or both days and for the dinner on Saturday night.

Parent and Offspring (16+) Handicap Doubles – Sunday 27 Nov
Pick your favourite child or parent and sign up for the 2016 Parent and Offspring tournament. The annual event of making domestic disputes public is arguably the most entertaining spectacle of the year so get down, sign up and get involved.

See you on court

First Friday of the Month Drinks (not on the actual first Friday of the month this time) – Friday 11 Nov
Due to the Spring Carnival festivities the First Friday of the Month Drinks have been pushed back to the second Friday of the month. Fear not, there will still be drinks at happy hour prices and a luscious supper provided by another of our terrific members.
SAVE THE DATE: Finals Day 2016 – Sunday 4 Dec

Finals Day is arguably the best day of tennis for the year. We have the final of the Gold Racquet, Womens A Grade Club Champs and Ford Strachan Junior Club Champs as well as the Medal of Medalists and final of the John Poolman Trophy (club handicap champs). Come in and enjoy the day in the club and support all the players.


Platinum Handicap Doubles – Saturday 22 Oct
It was my pleasure to play in the RMTC inaugural Platinum doubles handicap tournament (for those with handicap of 70+) on Saturday 22 October. Ten of us ‘newbies’ to this wonderful game fronted up for 4 round-robin matches that were played to a time limit of 25 min, with handicaps that to some of us were inscrutable with the need to ‘owe’ and ‘receive’ points, even before a ball was hit. Many of us were called on to mark the games of others, which was an added challenge for some (referring to myself in particular).

All games were played in a friendly, supportive spirit though everyone was still competitive. We all appreciate that learning the intricacies of the game can take many years and, as new players, we have a long way to go. Tournaments like this are much appreciated as a means for us to meet other players of similar standard and experience that will hopefully lead to new playing partners. We all thanked the club for organising the tournament, Vince for being there to present the trophies and Frank for chaperoning us and being so encouraging all the way through.

My doubles partner (Tim Raw) and I were fortunate to win through to the final where we played Mark Hillebrand and Peter Lumley against whom we had a real tussle in the earlier match. Tim and I were the victors on the day and took home a beautifully engraved wine glass each. However, we were all victors on the day with the experience of competition on the court and friendships forged over lunch (again, thanks to the club). The downside to winning a tournament, I have been assured, is that our handicap advantage now will be significantly weakened.  Onward and downward!
Robyn Woods