The Royal Melbourne Tennis Club
134 Years
31 May 2017 Weekly News
Head Professional: Frank Filippelli (
Editor: John Woods-Casey


  • 2                  6pm: First Friday of the Month Drinks
  • 7                  Introduction Night                                                                       President
  • 17-18           Alan Hamer Cup Doubles Championship                                   Pros
  • 17-18           Judith Clarke Cup (in Hobart)                                                    J Tan
  • 17-18           Australian Amateur Women’s Singles and Doubles (Hobart)     J Tan
  • 17-18           MOFO Tournament (in Hobart)
  • 17-18           Australian Amateur Junior Singles and Doubles                        ARTA

Recruitment of a second Assistant Professional

RMTC has a long history developing and enriching the world talent pool of real tennis professionals. The Australian Open this year in January was case in point, with the likes of Aussies Rob Fahey, Steve Virgona, Chris Chapman and Kate Leeming all featuring in semi’s or finals and all having stints working in Melbourne.

To keep this tradition running, the Committee is searching for a talented assistant professional to be part of our pro-team. Having excellent senior professionals in Frank, Jonners & Kate makes it the ideal time to add another junior pro that they can train and develop along with John Woods-Casey. Another sparring partner for John will also be good for his further development. It is our ambition to see our assistant professionals improve to the standard of touring professionals playing in the Opens and other events overseas.

If you know of anyone who is a talented ball sport, would be a great asset to our Club and may be interested in a career as a real tennis professional, please contact Frank & Jonners in the pro-shop or Julie Baker on the Committee.

For more information please see the ad which will be displayed on the club website from next week. The ad will be running is Seek and other employment platforms from 5th June.

Fred Kininmonth

Annual “gappie vs J Snow” Championship – Fri 2 June
Henry Batstone leaves us on 9 June. Before that, at 6pm on 2 June, at first Friday of the month drinks, Henry will play a JPT format match against Julian Snow, hoping to succeed where his Dutch predecessors narrowly failed in 2015 and 2016. Unless Henry’s handicap recedes further before then, this match will be played off receive ½ 30, owe 30.

CHANGE OF DATE – Alan Hamer Cup Club Doubles, Aus Amateur Junior Championship – Sat-Sun 17-18 June
The date of these tournaments has been changed to accommodate a large number of our top players including the current amateur world #1 Kieran Booth and the members of the Clothier Cup team. Both are leaving home the week after to travel to the USA to represent both Melbourne and Australia at major international tournaments. As such the local tournaments, which will present a good opportunity for competitive practice for the players, will be held on the weekend of the 17-18 June. Please come down to the club to witness high quality tennis and support all our players.

There will be graded events in the Club Doubles held on the same weekend, sign up to get involved in the action on the court as well as off.

Lesson Fees
As of 1 June RMTC will charge $25 for lessons with John Woods-Casey (+$40 for both ends of the court as usual).

Warm Up For Winter
Our resident international supermodel is back to demonstrate our terrific range of stylish and comfortable cold weather tennis clothing. The new RMTC Boast Zip Pullover is perfectly paired with our Babolat tracksuit pants to create the ideal state of warmth and comfort on court. Check in at the pro shop to get yours today.


Quarterly Medal #2 – Sat 27 May
The north court, morning component of the Quarterly Medal #2 matches last Saturday was most enjoyable, with David Derham, John Hearst, Leo Murphy, Roland Scollay and Steve Ward playing lots of mostly close matches, ending up with three of us (David, Roland, Steve) winning three out of four matches, but David winning overall on the games ratio. It was very relaxed and congenial with plenty of chatting and joking on the court and a very good morning. Thanks to Frank for being a very good organiser as well.

Congratulations to the other winners on the day: newcomer Mark Beaumont, perennial tournament winner Tim Raw and quarterly medal stalwart Greg Moran.