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7 June 2017 Weekly News
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Editor: John Woods-Casey


  • 17-18           Alan Hamer Cup Doubles Championship                                   Pros
  • 17-18           Judith Clarke Cup (in Hobart)                                                    J Tan
  • 17-18           Australian Amateur Women’s Singles and Doubles (Hobart)     J Tan
  • 17-18           MOFO Tournament (in Hobart)
  • 17-18           Australian Amateur Junior Singles and Doubles                        ARTA


  • 2                   5pm: First Friday of the month happy hour
  • 11&13           Junior Clinics (u16)                                                                 Pros

First Friday of the Month

Were you one of the lucky ones to be at the club last Friday? If not, you missed out big time! The famous Lizzie and Frank ‘Pizza & Pasta’ night was a real treat. Delicious pasta (broccolini orecchiette) and home made thin based pizza (garlic potato, prosciutto & rocket, margherita, spicy salami) fed the hungry crowd there to see our resident ‘gappie’ Henry Batstone challenge Julian Snow off handicap.

Since his stay with us over summer plus a return visit this last month, Henry has improved his handicap from 29 to as low as 16.  We congratulate Henry on improving his court play and thank him for being such a great assistance to the pro-shop during his time with us. Henry is flying home this Friday night, so drop in to wish him farewell.

We also thank Jonners for coordinating our gap student program with Chris Ronaldson, the head pro at Radley College in the UK. As well as a special thank you to Julian for billeting fellow Radley alumni Henry during his stay.

For the record Julian maintains his unblemished record against the gappies with 3 wins. Henry pushed Julian early in the match with some excellent forcing and ground strokes, jumping to a 5/2 lead. Julian relished the challenge to storm home winning 9/6 in a very entertaining and skillful match.

To top off the night Tony Bafunno pulled out his guitar and played into the wee hours of the morning. Tony is a real talent with what seems an unlimited song repertoire. He particularly enjoys encouraging our members to sing-along, of which there was no shortage of willing back-up singers. Enthusiastic singing was ably assisted by a Frangelico ice & lime vocal chord lubricant (a Lizzie & Frank specialty) paired with tasty little almond biscuits from Bisetto Patisserie. What a fun night!

Fred Kininmonth – President

Tennis elbow analysis and treatment, tennis racquet prize for participants!!!

Survey Website:

The previous run of the RMTC-based real tennis injury survey, being managed by sports injury physiotherapists from La Trobe University Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre, achieved about 80 responses from about 400 active players (at RMTC, Hobart and Ballarat). It showed very clearly that tennis elbow (TE) is by far the most common injury (about 30% of responders had TE in the last 12 months, compared to 1-3% in the general community) and that TE and other injuries cause significant reductions in player time, bad for the members and the clubs.

The 80 responses are a great start but we are keen to hear from more members because elbow pain is such a problem.  The physios will also now be looking in more detail at TE among players, since it does come in a variety of forms. The main survey information is anonymous, but the detailed TE examinations will record your name, but be kept entirely private. Participation is of course entirely voluntary but outcomes may help future players prevent or repair injuries, so we strongly encourage participation.The whole survey program is strongly supported by the RMTC Committee!

The aim of the survey is to help recovery and prevention of the more common injuries for both existing and new players, starting with TE, the most common injury by far. By responding you may help reduce the injury and pain of players in the future.

So please note the following.

1. If you haven’t done it already, please do fill out the survey, at this website, or on a paper version available from the pros. It only takes a few minutes. Even if you have no injuries, PLEASE FILL IT OUT, it will take almost no time in that case, but it is important to know the uninjured numbers as well in order to get a better measure of the actual injury frequency.

2. Several of the physios will be present at the club, in the bar area, at certain times over the next few weeks (including some pennant evenings) to encourage survey entries and to examine in more detail the types of TE that our players have. So if you have TE, please allow a few minutes before or after your games to talk to them and have them examine your problem or arrange a time to do so.  This will help in the design of new exercises aimed to reduce and prevent elbow pain.  Those who have TE and participate in this more detailed analysis by the physios will be placed on a list with potential to win a free racquet from the club.

Thanks to you all for participating.
Roland Scollay, RMTC member coordinating the survey with LaTrobe.
Survey Website:

PS – feel free to contact Roland if you have any questions or issues. 0438 044 223.

CHANGE OF DATE – Alan Hamer Cup Club Doubles, Aus Amateur Junior Championship – Sat-Sun 17-18 June
The date of these tournaments has been changed to accommodate a large number of our top players including the current amateur world #1 Kieran Booth and the members of the Clothier Cup team. Both are leaving home the week after to travel to the USA to represent both Melbourne and Australia at major international tournaments. As such the local tournaments, which will present a good opportunity for competitive practice for the players, will be held on the weekend of the 17-18 June. Please come down to the club to witness high quality tennis and support all our players.

There will be graded events in the Club Doubles held on the same weekend, sign up to get involved in the action on the court as well as off.

Courts available
This weekend is a long weekend and there are plenty of free courts available for some practice. Take the opportunity to come in a have a hit or a lesson to improve your game or just earn/work off the spectacular feasts that will surely be forthcoming. Give us a ring in the pro shop or come in to book your court, get in quick before they all go!

Lesson Fees
As of 1 June RMTC will charge $25 for lessons with John Woods-Casey (+$40 for both ends of the court as usual).