The Royal Melbourne Tennis Club
135 Years
23 August 2017 Weekly News
Head Professional: Frank Filippelli (
Editor: John Woods-Casey


  • 26                 Eureka Cup (Ballarat v RMTC) (in Ballarat)                          President


  • 1                   First Friday of the month drinks, 6-8pm
  • 6                   Introduction Night                                                                    President
  • 9                   North African Handicap Doubles                                             L Brown
  • 15                 University introductory night                                                   Jo See Tan
  • 17                 Internationality Handicap Doubles                                          Mackinnon Family
  • 23                 Barry Toates Trophy (RMTC v Sydney)                                  V Scopelliti
  • 26&28           Junior Clinics (u16)                                                                 Pros
  • 30                 Grand Final Handicap Doubles                                              G Dempster

Prospective members’ Introduction Night – Wed 6 September
The club needs good new members and we ask you to take this opportunity to bring a friend to the club and let us introduce him/her to our great game.

Internationality Handicap Doubles – Sun 17 September
The biggest club tournament of the year is coming up again. It’s your chance to dig out your long-lost family history in the jungles of Peru or wildest Siberia and join with someone with the same (or somewhat similar) connection for a fun day of handicap doubles. Wearing the traditional dress of your home country will garner bonus points and may even see you awarded the coveted “best dressed” prize. Find a partner and discover an interesting connection then come into the club and sign up. 

Barry Toates Trophy (RMTC vs Sydney Real Tennis Club) – 23 September
Sydney-siders don’t get many opportunities to play real tennis so on this weekend they make their annual pilgrimage to Melbourne for this big occasion. We need an enthusiastic and willing team to take them on and show them real tennis and real tennis hospitality. Sign up in the club or ring the pro shop.

Oversize racquets in the pro shop for trial
Oversize racquets from both Grays and Gold Leaf are now available for trial from the pro shop. All we ask is that you provide your feedback. These racquets will be available for use in social games during pro shop hours, please see the pros if you’re interested in testing one.

Richmond Silver Racket – 18-20 Aug
Congratulations to Owen Guest (one of the RMTC’s quirks is that if you win a tournament you are asked to write the report, so here goes).

Originally the Mount Ridley Silver Racket, the Richmond Silver Racket is the RMTC’s premier Handicap Singles event (entries are restricted to the top 16 players). The action started on Friday evening when the in-form John Woods-Casey (16.8) fell victim to AUS Clothier representative Jackson Brand (35.8) in three sets. Other matches included CJ White (playing off 13.6) accounting for Frank Filippelli (1.0) and Paul Rosedale (10.3) doing very well against Andy “Big Red” Fowler (8.2), sending him back to Ballarat with his tail between his legs.

Come the semi-finals CJ didn’t waste time in accounting for Rosedale (6/1 6/3) and on the other side Owen Guest took a while to warm up before ending Jackson’s run (2/6 6/0 6/2).

The final saw CJ aiming to become the event’s first three time winner but within a few games this started to look unlikely. In the first set, Owen’s mix of serves made it difficult for CJ as he could neither go around him nor through him. In the second set CJ had a few chances but from 3/3 Owen closed out the match with a series of aggressive service returns, heavy breathing and committed running (Final Score: 6/1 6/3).