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2 December 2015 Weekly News
Head Professional: Frank Filippelli ( ( )
Editor: Helen Pritchard


* 5          J B Box Trophy                                                           A Schnaider
* 6          Final Day including Gold Racket                          Tennis Committee
* 9          Club Christmas Party                                                 Social Committee
* 12-13  Young Members (U35) Tournament and BBQ   Youth Committee
* Including Jim Bailey Cup (U26 Handicap Singles)
* 17        Ladies Christmas Party                                             Social Committee
* 24        Christmas Breakfast Tournament                          J Sear

Frank Filippelli

FINALS DAY 2015, Sunday 6^th December
The following RMTC finals will be played on this day:-

0900-1400 Quarterly Medal matches

1100 Ford Strachan Junior Club Championship (L) Best of 3 sets

M Williams vs J Gould

1230 Women’s A Grade Club Championship

P McCahey vs R Snell

1400 The Gold Racket (L) Best of 5 sets

K Booth vs D Williams

On Completion of Gold Racket

Medal of Medalists (L) One set to 6

John Poolman Trophy (L) one set to 9 games

J Snow vs Q Clark

Members are encouraged to support these finals and to bring friends and guests.


The finals for the Tuesday and Thursday Boomerang Cup were played last week. Congratulations to the winning teams.


G Newton        DEFEATED       H Turnbull
G Dempster                                   R Simpson
D Camp                                           P Stanley
A King                                              R Snell
K Penaluna


G Cornish      DEFEATED      O Guest
P McCahey                                  R Allen
J Piccolo                                       P Retschko
S Bollerman                                R Kininmonth
M McAuley

***Don’t forget to sign up for the Young Members (U35) Tournament and BBQ and the Jim Bailey Cup (U26 Handicap Singles) Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th December. Sign up sheets on the board outside the pros office***

Julie Baker



Christmas Cocktail Party

To be held at
The Royal Melbourne Tennis Club

6.00-8.30pm Wednesday 9th December

R.S.V.P. the professionals by the 6th December

$55 per head for members and
$40 per head for juniors

Nick Carr

Parent and Offspring Handicap Doubles

Sunday morning saw 5 pairs gather for an entertaining and good-spirited tournament. The pool games were uniformly close, notable for the high quality of play from the various offspring, complemented (in general) by judicious restraint from the senior representatives. Exceptions to this latter included Prue McCahey, who used her elegant and well-directed forehand from the hazard end to devastating effect, and Duncan Crockett, the only senior present who was actually the junior (in a handicap sense). Andrew Crockett elevated sportsmanship to a new level while defending chase 2 and 3, generously (or was that forgetfully?) hurtling after a ball shooting off the back wall past last gallery and neatly hitting it into the net, while Nick Carr came perilously close to cheating by playing left-handed, thus assuring some favourable handicaps.

It was the youth who really shone. Annie McAuley, as the highest handicapper playing, fought gamely, with Mike leaving plenty of balls for her to play. Dominic Emery played with flare and enthusiasm, while Julia McCahey dug out some great backhand returns.

The pool games left the Carrs and the McCaheys as the top two couples so, before a packed and eager gallery, the final began. The McCaheys raced to a 2 game lead, courtesy of some great play by Julia – and that cross court forehand of Prue’s. Nick Carr was demonstrating to the gallery that, as a general rule, if you fail to connect the ball with the racquet strings, the ball then fails to go over the net. A McCahey victory looked assured. Olivia Carr decided to pull out her railroad, producing some timely nick serves, and scampered around taking most of the shots, wisely leaving Nick to prod at only the occasional ball. These tactics were ultimately successful, and the Carrs ended up holding the silver.

Thanks to Julie Baker for organisation, food and for a really delicious fruit cake, and to Frank for all his hard work and marking.

Robert Kininmonth

Searching for a future World Champion

The RMTC Committee is commencing a search to find, recruit and develop a young professional who could be a future real tennis World Champion. This great Club has a strong history of developing high calibre real tennis players and professionals. Many of our gifted Australian players have risen to the highest level of the game and have served as skilled professionals in many Clubs throughout the world. The last three World Champions – Rob Fahey 1994-2014 (12), Wayne Davies 1987-1993 (4) and Chris Ronaldson 1981-1985 (3) – hail from Australia. We want this to continue.

Earlier this year our Club travelling tournament professional Nick Howell left to work at the National Tennis Club, Newport, Rhode Island. We encouraged him to follow his dream to improve his game to a level where he will hopefully be able to challenge for the World Championship. To keep the pipeline filled with potential champions, we need to start now in our search to find someone with the talent, discipline and desire to follow in the steps of Rob, Wayne and Chris. We expect that this may take some time, so we wanted to share our intent with you so that you may help in our search. If you think you’ve spotted a talented individual out there, please let us know!
Greg Reid

The Spring 2015 squash season in the Club Circuit competition saw 5 teams playing out of RMTC, perhaps for the first time ever but certainly the first time in decades. RMTC was one of five founding members of the first squash pennant competition in Victoria in 1935 and now remains only one of two (the other RSYTC) in the competition, so a rich history. It was also a founding member of the Club Circuit competition which started in 1978.

The (almost) original team of Paul Scally, Wilson Lorimer and Mike Carroll which came across to play for RMTC in Spring of 2011 finished a respectable 6^th (out of 8) for the season, they were without their #1 player Wilson due to injury. Dave Kempster who joined the team this season improved rapidly throughout the season to finish with 7 wins, with Paul Scally and John Woods-Casey both with 6 wins. Mike Carroll and Leo Murphy both had some wins but not enough to get the team to finish higher. They could not get Rozza back onto the squash court to help them out this season, perhaps next season?
The second RMTC team who started playing in Spring 2014 finished third for the season, just losing a tight semi final. Matt Downey and Tom Frewin with 9 wins and Christian McGahey with 8 all had good seasons. Sam Bowman, Steve Cecil and Greg Reid need to lift their games a little more.

The three teams that have come across from the Grace Park Hawthorn Club this season, the B1 side finished third and are to play their semi final, Darcy Walsh with 10 wins was the standout with Sam Nash, Thomas Tyndall, Austen Diggle, Steve Cuff, Chye Lim and Sam Cantrell completing the team. The B3 side finished on top and go straight into the grand final, a strong all round team of Noel Fidock, Gaurav Gupta, Michael Gillett, Steve Fielding, Himanshu Sarin and Peter Stewart. The D1 side finished 4^th just missing the final going down in the last home and away round. Alistair Don and Andrew Williams both had 10 wins with Attila Hahn, Lee Eriera, Trevor Plumridge and Simon Walter in the team.

The next squash season commences around March 2016 and we are looking to field a further team, most likely to play home matches on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. Please let Wilson Lorimer ( ( ) or Paul Scally ( ( ) know of your interest and come on down for a hit. Teams need to go in by mid December, so let them know you are keen.
Robert Kininmonth


Our Club is very fortunate to have loyal and dedicated staff who pride themselves on providing the highest level of service to members and their guests. The success and atmosphere of the club is no coincidence as it is perhaps the best and most enjoyable real tennis club in the world.

We urge all members to contemplate contributing to the annual Staff Gratuity Fund. The purpose of the fund is to enable members, who individually wish to do so, to show their appreciation for the efforts of the staff through the year.

This fund is the only source from which out staff can receive additional recognition from those who have enjoyed the Club.

Contributions can be made by emailing or telephoning our bookkeeper Helen ( or 9429 9009 or cash/cheque.

I hope you will be able to show your appreciation of their efforts by giving generously. You contribution will be much appreciated.


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