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29 July 2015 Weekly News
Head Professional: Frank Filippelli ( ( )
Editor: Helen Pritchard

* 31-3  Victorian Open Singles and Doubles             Pros

* 4  C Special Pennant (H’cap 30-40)                         Pros
* 6  A/B Grade Doubles Pennant                                  Pros
* 6  Mixed Morning Winter Pennant                          K Arndt
* 8  Quarterly Medal # 3                                                  J Baker/A Buckle
* 9  Junior Clinic (U16)                                                     Pros
* 15  North African Handicap Doubles                       L Brown
* 16  Young members (U35) Spring Pennant           Pros
* 21-23  Richmond Silver Racket                                  K Booth
* 28  RMTC V The Jesters                                               J Buckley
* 29-30  Larwood & Eureka Cups in Ballarat           R Kininmonth

Frank Filippelli

The Victorian Open Singles final is on Sunday at 12pm and the Doubles final is on Monday 3 August at 6pm, come along and support the players and watch some great tennis.

The Quarterly Medal # 3 is on the 8 August, so please sign up to play this event and enjoy the day.

Greg Reid

RMTC vs. MCCRTS Sunday 26^th July 2015.

This is an inter-club competition that is growing in strength and numbers participating including committee members from both clubs, 25 players donning the whites to compete for their respective clubs. Now into its fifth year, on a combined home and away aggregate, MCCRTS goes 4 / 1 up. Handicap doubles, 8 game sets, boomerang cup format.

RMTC had Kathryn Arndt, Ian Bull, Geoff Dempster, Robert Falconer, Dick Friend, James Guest, Peter Lumley, Michael MacAleavey, Greg Moran, Alasdair Norton, Roland Scollay, Rosie Snell, Vince Scopelliti and Peter Stanley to take on the MCCRTS players of Josef Brunhuber, Matt Downey, Chris Nobes, Ken Penaluma, Greg Reid, Yvonne Rout, Jo See Tan, Henry Turnbull, Wendy Whitehead, Steve Wood and John Woods-Casey. With a wide range of handicaps from mid 20 to mid 70’s, there was ample scope to have most matches played with only small handicap differences.

RMTC started the day well winning the first match, after that MCCRTS dominated the morning going into the long lunch break 9 matches to 3 up. There is some conjecture whether the delicious lasagne or the red wine inspired RMTC players or dulled MCCRTS, but RMTC came back after the break winning 5 of the next 6 matches to be 10/8 behind with the last two rubbers to play. It proved to be an anti-climax with MCCRTS winning both comfortably finishing 12 rubbers to 8.

It was great to see newer members from both clubs playing and getting to know fellow members. Many thanks to the team of Frank, Jonners, Kate and JWC providing the marking duties all day and Evie for the lunch fare.



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