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17 June 2015 Weekly News
Head Professional: Frank Filippelli ( ( )
Editor: Helen Pritchard

* 19-21 Judith Clarke Cup F Hewson
* 19-21 Australian Amateur Women’s Singles/Doubles Hobart
* 24 New Members Cocktail Party Social
* 29-4 Clothier, Limb and Van Alen Competitions (U26)

* 7-8 Junior Clinic Pros
* 11 Christmas in July Mixed Doubles F Hewson
* 17-19 Australian Amateur Singles ARTA
* 26 RMTC v MCC A Gould


Frank Filippelli

Christmas in July Mixed Doubles is on the 11 July so please sign up if you are interested in playing.

Calling all RMTC and MCC members, please sign up for the competition on 26 July. It will be a great fun day of tennis, lunch will be provided.


Robert Kininmonth

Welcome John Woods-Casey to our Pro team

It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of John Woods-Casey to the role of RMTC junior professional. John will commence working full-time with Frank and the team commencing Monday 22nd June. John may be familiar to many of you already, for he is a current member and player of both tennis and squash at the Club. In fact he was a member of our premiership squash team last season. He’s a delightful young man, very enthusiastic, passionate about racquet sports and an adept sportsman. We’re confident he’ll make a terrific tennis professional. So please welcome John to his new role when you’re next in the Club.

Jonathan Hamer

2015 World Masters

Many of the senior members of the Club went to the UK in May to represent Australia in the teams events and to compete in the World Masters singles and doubles events.

The results and commentary (reported from the UK viewpoint) are set out on the Tennis and Rackets Association’s website in the Latest News & Events – Tennis tab at>


As expected the UK won all the 3 team events, the Cockram ( over 50s), the Bostwick (over 60s) and the Danby (over 70s). The Bostwick team came closest to beating the Poms losing 3/2 with Ian Bull/ Jon Hamer and Mike MacAuley/Wayne Spring winning their doubles matches. Our Cockram team was missing its best players and lost to both the UK and the US with Richard Hince (Captain) winning the only match, a very good win in 3 sets over Bill Baker who was in very good form throughout the competition.Alan Willingham and Tony Poolman took the very capable pair of John Ward and Paul Danby to 3 sets, but were unable to get the win.

The teams played at different venues (Cockram at Cambridge, Bostwick at Newmarket and Danby at Prested), but we all came together for a dinner at the Jockey Club in Newmarket – well, apart from the UK Danby team which reportedly was not allowed to attend because of the important match the following day! All teams had an important match the following day and those enjoying the magnificent food and surroundings of the Jockey Club were moderately well behaved. The Poolmans kindly hosted a get together at Tim and Savannah’s house in Newmarket on the Friday night which was very much appreciated.

The individual events, Masters singles and doubles, were held at Cambridge, where there are 2 courts, the Green and the Blue – which play completely differently! The schedule for play sought to have the Over 50s and 0ver 55s play first ( with finals played before the Mid Tournament dinner on the Tuesday) with the Over 60s, over 65s, over 70s and Over 75s played in the second half of the week. This aided the “youngsters” in being able to get away, but also meant the more mature players had some time off and only a few remained by the time the Tournament ended on the Sunday.

The tournament was a great opportunity to make and renew friendships with overseas players and marvel at how some of the Masters of the past continue to play fine shots regardless of their increasing age. The most outstanding player of the Tournament in the weight/for age stakes was John Prenn who won 4 events. He is over 60 but fit and in fine playing form – an inspiration to those who would like to “play like they used to”!

The next Masters tournament and teams events is to be held in Australia in 2017. Planning for this has already begun. Check your birth date and start training now.



The RMTC would like to welcome the following new members from February to May 2015 and hope that you enjoy your time at the club.

Nicholas Foster
Iraina Hofsteede
Isaac Hamann
Harrison Purves
Robert MacDougall
James Francis
Jon Emery
John Robert
Andrea Olsson
Bronwyn Francis
Barry Francis
Lachlan MacKinnon


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