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10 June 2015 Weekly News
Head Professional: Frank Filippelli ( ( )
Editor: Helen Pritchard
* 10 Introduction NIght R Kininmonth
* 12-15 Alan Hamer Cup Club Doubles Championship Pros
* 19-21 Judith Clarke Cup F Hewson
* 19-21 Australian Amateur Women’s Singles/Doubles Hobart
* 24 New Members Cocktail Party Social
* 29-4 Clothier, Limb and Van Alen Competitions (U26)
Frank Filippelli

The RMTC website has a link regarding an expression of interest for the Boomerang Cup 2016. Please sign up in Eventbrite if you are interested in participating in this event next January.
Greg Moran

The Quarterly Medal

The five players Kathryn Arndt, Richard Endersbee, Julia McCahey, Greg Moran and Paul Scully contested in the quarterly medal round robin in the afternoon. The winner of the contests overall was Greg with a 4-0 scorecard. The rest generally shared the sets but Richard who was the player with the best handicap struggled against some severe handicaps to win a set. Thanks go to our new President Fred and Richard Simpson for organizing the day.

Winners of the other groups were Nick Brand and Steve Wood
Julie Baker

Kate Leeming as well as being one of our tennis pros is also an extraordinary cyclist. You may be aware that Kate has cycled across Russia, the breadth of Africa and the long way around Australia. She is now building up to take on the Antarctic. Kate is holding an evening where she will talk about her adventures thus far and there will be previews of the South Pole preparation and adventure. The evening will be on Tuesday 23 June, 6.30pm at RMIT Bookings can be made at world
Helen Pritchard

The club has 60 members who are taking advantage of the direct debit system to pay their RMTC accounts. Take the pressure and worry out of paying your account on time, sign up for direct debit and avoid the chance of incurring any late penalty charges, or the finance charge on credit card payments. Forms are available from Admin or the Pros office, or a form can be emailed to you on request.



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