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30 April 2015 Weekly News
Head Professional: Frank Filippelli ( ( )
Editor: Helen Pritchard

* 2-3 Presidents Cup (in Hobart) R Kininmonth
* 6 AGM and Trophy Presentations at 6pm
* 15-17 Exhibition Street Cup W Cockram
* 22 Empire Day Breakfast Tournament J Sear
* 24 Junior Clinic (u16) Pros
* 30 Quarterly Medal #2 Kininmonth/Simpson
* 31 Women’s Handicap Doubles M O’Rorke

Frank Filippelli

Exhibition Street Cup is on 15 to 17 May. It is an open knockout handicap singles/doubles, and all first day losers are eligible for round robin doubles on Sunday. Please sign up on the noticeboard if you are interested in playing.

The AGM and Trophy Presentation night is on the 6 May at 6pm, and the following members will be receiving trophies, so please come along.


Gold Racket Kieran Booth
Silver Racket Bret Richardson
A Grade Championship Bret Richardson
Women’s A Grade Championship Prue McCahey
Women’s B Grade Championship Lisa Galbraith
Women’s C Grade Championship Cora Trevarthen
Women’s D Grade Championship Freya Fajgman
B Special Championship Owen Guest
B Grade Championship Chris Hince
C Special Championship Peter Glynn Jr
C Grade Championship Craig Jamieson
D Special Championship Tim Threlfall
D Grade Championship Bruce Roff
Sherwood Street Championship Jonathan Raymond
Richmond Championship Ralph Wilson
Strode Place Championship Ken Penaluna
A Grade Handicap Singles Julian Snow
B Grade Handicap Singles Michael Carroll
C Grade Handicap Singles Quentin Clark
D Grade Handicap Singles Julia McCahey
Sherwood Street Cup Handicap Championship (50+) Freya Fajgman
Richmond Cup Handicap Championship (60+) Ingrid Sykes
John Poolman Handicap Singles Trophy Julian Snow
Jim Bailey Cup Junior Handicap Singles Freya Fajgman
Ford Strachan junior Singles Championship Daniel Williams
Pierre Etchebaster Trophy (Most improved player) TBA
Wyperfeld Cup (Best first year player) TBA
Alan Hamer Cup Club Doubles Michael Happell/Bret Richardson
Night Pennant A Special Patrick Dunne/Graeme Blundstone
Night Pennant A Grade Paul Rosedale/Jonathan Hamer
Night Pennant B Special Michael Carroll/Rob Kininmonth
Night Pennant B Grade John Moran/Prue McCahey
Night Pennant C Special John Piccolo/Vince Scopelliti
Night Pennant C Grade Peter Stanley/Allan Waitzer/Cora Trevarthen
Night Pennant D Grade Mary Wilson/Ralph Wilson/Jim Butler/Brigitte Claney
Night Pennant D Special Cora Trevarthen/Simon Walliss/Ken Penaluna
Youth Sunday Summer Pennant Chris Hince/Ian Hince
Youth Sunday Winter Pennant Luke Piccolo/Kate Owens
Night Pennant D Grade Doubles Peter Fenwick/Scott Patterson/Nicole Panozzo/Suzanne Jenner
Night Pennant A/B Grade Doubles Jonathan Howell/Jonathan Hamer/Dick Friend/Prue McCahey
Women’s Summer Morning Pennant Katie Buckley/Marissa Barter-Waters
Women’s Winter Morning Pennant Carla Story/Marissa Barter-Waters
Julie Baker

New Professional
Just to keep you in the loop, we have commenced the recruitment of a tennis professional to replace Nick Howell in the Proshop.
Ideally, we are looking for someone who is good at ball sports (lawn tennis or a squash background are good transferable skills), great customer service skills and is looking for a career as a tennis professional.
If you know of anyone, who you think may be suitable, would you please put them in touch with Julie Baker. Best contact is 0412 411 624


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