The Royal Melbourne Tennis Club
134 Years
17 August 2016 Weekly News
Head Professional: Frank Filippelli (
Editor: John Woods-Casey

  • 19-21        Richmond Silver Racket                                       K Booth
  • 26             RMTC v The Jesters                                            J Buckley
  • 28             Larwood & Eureka Cups (RMTC v Ballarat)         President
  • 2-4           Australian Amateur Singles*                                 ARTA
  • 2              First Friday of the Month Drinks                           Social Committee
  • 11            Internationality Handicap Doubles                        Mackinnon Family
  • 16-18       Australian Amateur Junior Sgls & Dbls*                ARTA
  • 20&22      Junior Clinics (u16)                                              Pros
  • 24            Barry Toates Trophy (RMTC v Sydney)               J Hamer

Upcoming Tournaments

Larwood and Eureka Cups (RMTC vs BTC) – Sunday 28 August
On Sunday 28th August RMTC will be hosting here in Melbourne a very competitive team from Ballarat Tennis Club. We have had some great battles over the years, with Ballarat winning the chocolates last year on their home court.

Please put your name on the board – we are looking for at least 10 women and 10 men to play in this signature handicap event. Matches will be played from 9am to 4pm on Sunday with a fine lunch in between. I’ll make sure it is a fine one with ample wine to improve the afternoon tennis.

Contact the pro’s and sign-up now.

Cheers! Fred Kininmonth

Australian Amateur Singles – Friday-Sunday 2-4 August
The most significant amateur Australian tournament of the year is coming up soon. Calling all players under 20 handicap to get involved. All matches will be best of 5 sets so it will be a good opportunity to have a good hit out in a competitive setting.

See you on court

Tournament Reports

North African Tournament – Saturday 13 August
The RMTC North African Tournament and Feast celebrate the true origins of our wonderful sport. The tournament was played with great gusto. Clever but steady play was used to gain Farouks, and then in combination with the Gaddafi Adaptor, this saw many favoured pairs fail. There was a Syrian Decider play-off for the runner up in the Upper Nile pool. The final was very close. Michelle O’Rorke and Julie Davies, having a substantial handicap and having gained the Farouk, missed out on at least two key Farouking opportunities. This allowed Quentin Clark and Lizzie Brown to hold on for a 6/5 win. Quentin Clark played careful considered tennis, Lizzie Brown played in her own imaginative and inimitable style.


The feast was a triumph. The club was magnificently decorated. The slow cooked goat was sublime, with the succulent meat falling off the bone. The cheese was very special. Fatima, the club’s appointed belly dancer, performed to the great delight of all present.  North African tennis royalty was acknowledged. Players were reminded that the rules had been translated from a papyrus found in the tomb of the great pharaoh Tutentabley. Queen Leemingkatie was there to present the prizes. The best dressed (female) prize was awarded to Isabelle Graham, and the best dressed male was David Derham. Various aspects of the North African legacy we enjoy today were pointed out, in particular when we call a chase worse than eight yards.


There was discussion about improvement to the rules. The Gaddafi adaptor has the capacity to confuse many, and perhaps it would be easier simply to adjust the handicap by 6 points, when a side is 4 games down, however to do this would mean the loss of unusual  handicaps such as Owe ¼ 15, Receive ¾ 15. It was noted that the rules relating to the use of the Farouk when there were two chases needed to be tightened up.
It was also noted that the tournament was first played in 1997 – so that next year, 2017,  will be the 20th anniversary – and worthy of a grand party.

Many, many thanks and congratulations to Lizzie Brown – tournament director, party maker, club decorator, chef, enthusiast, and winner – & all who helped. Particular thanks to Dianne Rennard and Philip Barker, who, as always, worked tirelessly to make it happen.

Jonathan Sear

The Committee encourages Members to bring guests to the Club. To ensure we comply with our liquor licence, please sign all guests into the visitors’ book located to the left of the pro shop.

2016/17 Parking Stickers
Your old green parking sticker is no longer valid. Visit the pro shop next time you’re in the Club to get a current parking sticker, now in black.