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29 June 2015 Weekly News
Head Professional: Frank Filippelli ( ( )
Editor: Helen Pritchard
Clothier / Van Alen /Limb Cups

Robert Kininmonth

For the first time the best juniors (<26yo) representing USA, UK and Australia will be competing for these prized trophies at the one venue - Melbourne. This is your opportunity to see the emerging real tennis talent from here and around the world. You’ll notice some seriously large kit bags filling the change room and a smattering of English and American accents in the Club, so make our guests welcome by introducing yourself and cheering them from the galleries. We’ll be starting proceedings at 10am on Tuesday this week with USA v Australia (Clothier Cup) followed by a welcome cocktail party that evening. Throughout the week until Saturday the UK v USA compete for the Van Alen Cup and UK v Australia battle it out for the Limb Cup. There will be plenty of opportunity for the teams to form strong bonds both on and off the court, with social activities including Friday night footy at the MCG (thanks Andrew Gould, MCCRTS), dinner at the Club on Saturday (thanks Jon Hamer) plus the mandatory exploration of Melbourne’s bar scene (thanks Georgie Lewis, Richard Pagone and the Junior Sub-Committee - tough job, but someone has to do it!). Thank you to those members who have offered to billet our guests. This is very much appreciated. Also, thank you Julie Baker for providing lunches throughout the week for these active hungry men. For everyone else, come in to the Club for lunch this Wednesday and Friday to enjoy watching some great tennis with the best steak sandwich in town (it is seriously good) plus other great fare served up by our fantastic resident chef Evie. The America team consists of Paul Monaghan, Dylan Ward, Laurenson Ward and Adrian Camacho. The UK Team consists of Charlie Braham, Jamie Giddins, Ed Kay and Ben Boddington (a familiar face to many around the club). The Australia team consists of Michael Williams, Paul Rosedale, Chris Hince, James Gould, Simon Carr and John Moran. Currently the UK Team is the holder of the Van Alen Cup (UK v US) and the Limb Trophy (UK v AUS). The Australian team are the holders of the Clothier Cup. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ SOCIAL COMMITTEE Julie Baker The welcome cocktail party is on Tuesday 30 June and the cost will be $20 per head and the dinner at the Club on Saturday night will be $40 per head, so please put your name on the sign up sheet on the board outside the pros office. See you there. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ THE END Copyright © 2015 Royal Melbourne Tennis Club, All rights reserved.