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1 April 2015 Weekly News
Head Professional: Frank Filippelli ( ( )
Editor: Helen Pritchard

* 11 Young Members (U35) Tournament Youth Committee
* 11-18 Bathurst Cup (in Hobart) Owen Guest
* 14 D Special Pennant Pros
* 16 A Grade Pennant Pros
* 25 Anzac Day Trophy F Hewson

* 6 AGM and Trophy Presentations at 6pm

Frank Filippelli

Young members plus one cup for under 35’s is on the 11 April at 2pm. Please bring along a friend, sibling or partner, as this is a great way to introduce them to the game.

Members who have purchased lesson packages and have not booked any lessons, please contact the pros office to organize your court times.

Julian Snow

Ten pairs (not, oddly, including the tournament organiser), equally divided between the two courts, entered the club’s Old Scholars tournament on 22 March 2015, initially played on a round robin basis.

Hugo van der Meer, enjoying his final hours in Melbourne before his departure to the Netherlands to begin six years of tertiary education, paired up with Julian Snow to represent (somewhat flexibly) Julian’s old school Radley. They won all their four matches and won the south court group. Previous holders Tasmanians Dick Friend and Jacob Davey were runners-up.

Up north it was all a lot closer and semi-final qualification depended on the result of the final match. Wendy Whitehead paired up with a new toy boy Roo Trophy winner Luke Piccolo and they won this last match 6-0 no less against the Guest father and son combination, James’ strategizing for once misfiring. This whitewash enabled Michelle O’Rorke and Fiona Hewson to gain second place in the group and qualify further.

Wendy & Luke’s stellar form continued when they recorded a second 6-0 win in their semi-final against Dick & Jacob. Meanwhile Julian & Hugo overcame Michelle & Fiona in a somewhat closer match.

The final produced an excellent example of competitive handicap doubles play, with Radley conceding a handicap of receive 30, owe 40 and 1 serve banned the tambour.

Luke ran around like a maniac at the back, Wendy served tightly and chipped in with the occasional probing volley, Hugo continued to demonstrate his improved level and Julian played as he always does.

The match reached 5 games all whereupon Luke, seemingly deliberately and off the middle of the racket, played the ball into the winning gallery to leave the score receive 40 owe 40 favour of him & Wendy (i.e. 7 match points). One by one these were saved by Julian & Hugo. A better than two yards chase was set and successfully defended and the remaining points won by the Anglo-Dutch combination from the service end.

It was an exciting end to an excellent little tournament and a fitting conclusion to Hugo’s very successful stint at the RMTC


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