This year’s Richmond Silver Racket (which is open to the top 16 players by handicap) was played over the weekend with players handicaps ranging from 12 to 34.  There were a number of good performances including Nick Shelton’s back-to-back 3 set wins against first Jon Hamer and then Alistair Hill.  However, in the top half of the draw it was Graeme Blundstone of the HRTC who starred defeating along the way Owen Guest and Andrew Gould before defeating Nick in the semi-final 6/3 6/2.  In the bottom half of the draw Dan Williams did well to make the semi-final before he fell victim to James Gould 6/3 6/5.

The final was played with Graeme (22.3) giving James (24.9) Rec ½ 15.  James played his ever improving left handed combination of rangy stroke play and youthful abandon and Graeme, who looks like an accomplished lawn tennis player, ran and retrieved like Georgie Lewis’s most recently adopted canine.  It took James about an hour to defend the honour of the RMTC as he completed his victory 6/5 6/4 and once again it was his left handed railroad that gave him his edge.

The only disappointing aspect of the event was that the club’s leading players did not take part.

James Gould def. Graeme Blundstone

6/5 6/4

Owen Guest