Young Players A Squad - Ballarat Tour - Sun. 21 Nov

This weekend the young player’s A squad headed to Ballarat for a training day with the great Andy Fowler. After a few hours of getting used to the court, and much needed post-lockdown advice on technical improvements - things got serious. Only after a parma at the Lake Wendouree pub of course.

Young Players A Squad Ballarat Tour Sun 21 Nov

Monday, 29th Nov

While digesting, Lancelot and Rhys played Blake and Eli in a hotly contested scratch doubles match. There were some fizzing cuts to the corner, blistering dedans and some unforgettable volley exchanges. All square in the end - fittingly - before closing with railroad practice on the helpfully steep penthouse.

Overall a great day where much was discussed and refined. We highly recommend a group trip to the country club for a hit and a meal and we look forward to the next young player’s road trip.

Remember to use that left hand to guide the racquet and keep those elbows tucked in kids!

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