Young Members Bring a Friend Tournament - Sat. 14 May

On Saturday the Bring a Friend Tournament was held. Members and their eager to learn ‘Friends’ paired up to test themselves against the other pairings. After initial confusion of the rules, everyone quickly adapted and it got competitive.

Young Members Bring a Friend Tournament Sat 14 May 2

Monday, 23rd May

After the round robin matches, the final was between Lance Stewart/Helena and Lewis Jan/Kerem. In a close final, Lewis and Kerem managed to win the classic 5 all, advantage all, giving those new to the game a firsthand experience of the thrill and suspense of what the game can bring.

Young Members Bring a Friend Tournament Sat 14 May

Thank you to everyone that played. For anyone who played or was unable to play on the day, follow up with your friends as it would be great to continue to introduce them to the great game.

Big thank you to Jackson Brand for organising the food for the day and keeping everyone happy across the afternoon.

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