World Masters Championship - Sun 14. - Sun. 29 May

Complete and up to date results have been scarce but the most recently available results for both the team and individual events can be found by clicking here. Image: Cockram team in Paris

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Thursday, 26th May

Congratulations to Michael Happell for winning the Over 60's Singles and to Jonathan Hamer for winning the Over 60's Doubles. Happell beat John Prenn in the final of the singles while Hamer and David Watson defeated Happell and Prenn in the doubles.

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Team results:
Cockram Trophy (Over 50's): Aus 4th (1st GB, 2nd Fra, 3rd USA)
Bostwick Trophy (Over 60's): Aus 2nd (1st GB, 3rd USA, 4th Fra)
Danby Trophy (Over 70's): Aus 2nd -

Image below: Danby team in Fontainebleau, with travelling flag mascot

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