Patterson Cup - Sat. 2 April

The Gerald Patterson Trophy is a real tennis versus lawn tennis challenge between RMTC and the Royal South Yarra Lawn Tennis Club.

This year the cup is returning to RMTC to stand beside the North Court: RMTC defeated RSY by winning all the Real Tennis sets and winning one of the Lawn Tennis sets.

Patterson Cup April 2022

Thursday, 7th Apr

The teams did battle at Real Tennis in the morning, lunched at RMTC, and resumed the battle at Lawn Tennis before finishing the day with a dinner at RSY.

The morning round of Real Tennis differed from previous years in that the increased number of players precluded the round robin format. Instead, Frank Filippelli engineered a play sheet which paired the players of each team to a different partner (from within their team). Perhaps importantly for the result, the giving of a bisque to a team who was a game behind was omitted for the first time since the current competition commenced in 2006.

No sets in the Real game were won by the Lawn players. However, 15 games were won by the Lawners. Cathy Moore stands out, taking the highest number of games in each of the 3 sets she played – paired with Chris O’Farrell, Rob Hinton, and Jonathan Harris those partnerships each came closest to taking a set.... Perhaps giving bisques could have delivered a set.

During lunch amongst the trout a tally of the business of the morning had RMTC leading and hoping for rain. We all know what happens outside our 4 walls.

After lunch the grass beckoned. The courts were beautiful. And beautiful to play on as well. The round robin went round with a twist. Time spent departing from RMTC after the lunch delayed the arrival at RSY of the RMTC team Captain, Jonathan Hamer. Matches had commenced by the time of arrival – and the pairings included the union of RMTC’s youngest and fittest: Lancelot Stewart and Cormac Mulcahy. These two would perhaps have been allocated to assist the less agile had the Captain had his way. The pair took a set and the match was won, 17 sets to 15.

Dinner at RSYLTC was a 6 course extravagance. Preparations for 2023 have commenced.

All the results can be downloaded here: click here to read the full report.

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