Local Identity Joins International Real Tennis Podcast

Our very own Jonathan Howell was a special guest on the weekly real tennis podcast "A View From The Hazards" hosted in the UK by Ben Taylor-Matthews and Robert Shenkman.

Jonners on A View From The Hazard podcast

Saturday, 2nd Jan

Jonners shared his experiences in the game and his view on changing styles of play over the last few decades.

A View From The Hazards is a weekly series of YouTube podcasts (audio only) by World No.4 Ben Taylor-Matthews and his podcast partner Robert Shenkman.

Each podcast gives a great round up of the state of real tennis play, as well as a specific aspects of the game. They frequently have special guests from across the real tennis community.

You can play their latest podcast below; and find all their other podcasts (currently 40 podcasts) via "The View From The Hazards" YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channe...

If you have a Google or YouTube account (both are free) you can also subscribe to their channel and get notification of new podcasts as they are released.

Excellent listening, and a great contribution by Ben and Rob to the real tennis community!

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