Internationality Handicap Doubles Day - Sun. 14 Nov

What a time to be alive! We can’t travel internationally but that didn’t stop our club from hosting its annual “Internationality Day” doubles tournament on Sunday 14th November, 2021.

A total of ten doubles partners brought their energy, enthusiasm, frustrated travel stories, selected cuisines, and their best tennis to the day. The rain poured outside, sometimes deafening, but in our minds we could have been anywhere. Report by Helen Schultz

Internationality 2 Nov 2021

Monday, 22nd Nov

This year the following countries were represented – the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Greenland, Antarctica, India and last but not least, Nauru.

The scones made by Wendy Whitehead were next level and were much appreciated as the first matches got underway. Early on we heard from Georgie Lewis, representing Nauru with Julia McCahey, adorning elaborate headwear resembling large quantities of bird dung, announcing she had ‘hit her shit’ with herracket. It was quite the thing to see, despite heavy competition, those pretend bird dungs fixed to the players’ heads, well, like bird dung.

We sat down to quite a feast ranging from bird dung soup (contact Georgie for the recipe if you are brave), quiches, lovely gravlax, an Indian mini-feast, lasagne, cornish pasties, toad in the hole of boarding school quality, lovely Italian salads and plenty of bar purchases to wash it all down.

On both courts there was fierce competition, and a very intriguing semi final and grand final ensued. In effect it was an opportunity to see tennis being played at the maximum available handicaps, the semi finals between UK vs Italy and Nauru vs Greenland.

Our final, at the maximum handicap, played out between the UK, brandishing and channelling all the goodness of Ted Lasso (‘Believe’, ‘Be a Goldfish’) and Greenland, the doubles partners the last to take out the coveted week in Noosa. The Greenlanders promise the house in Noosa was left in pristine condition in 2018 after their visit. The winners were just thrilled to bits to make it there and take out the trophy. Super proud of Hugh, a youth pennant player all of 7 months, 4 of which were in lockdown, who finally learnt to ‘listen to his mum’ and leave balls with a fierce chase restriction on our side.

Special thanks to Kate Leeming (representing Antarctica), who also played with all her courage and determination post a serious shoulder injury this year. It was her first time back on court, and she did an exceptional job coordinating the day and calculating those mind boggling handicap restrictions.

And the winners of ‘best dressed’ went to Annabelle Wilson and Ruby Chrysell, adorned in gorgeous Indian garments and jewellery.

Semi Finals:

  • South court; H.Schultz and H.Schultz (UK) vs. V.Scopelliti and J.McNamara (Italy)
  • North court; G.Lewis and J.McCahey (Nauru) vs. M.Downey and S.Bowman (Greenland)

Finals: H.Schultz and H.Schultz v M.Downey and S.Bowman

  • Winners: Helen Schultz and Hugh Schultz (6/4)

May we all be able to travel to our favourite destinations very soon,


Internationality 2021

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