Cam's Corner - A new video on 'How to Win A Hazard Chase'

Camden Riviere's latest video packs a lot of strategy into 8 minutes, and he doesn't even strike a ball.

Cams Corner YouTube 15 Oct 2020

Wednesday, 14th Oct

Cam's Corner is a regular series of instructional YouTube videos by World No.1 Camden Riviere. Each video targets a specific aspect of the game, from fitness, warming up, stoke play, drills and strategy; plus videos featuring other top players, and a few trick shots thrown in for entertainment.

You can play Cam's latest video below; and find all his other videos via Cam's YouTube channel here:

If you have a Google or YouTube account (both are free) you can also subscribe to Cam's channel and get notification of new videos.

Excellent viewing, and a great contribution by Cam to the Real Tennis community!

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