Boomerang Cup - Sat. 6 ~ Sat. 20 January 2024

We are pleased to report that the 2024 Boomerang Cup has been a success. 21 teams participated in this year’s Boomerang with a strong showing of overseas players from the UK and several new faces from the USA and Netherlands. We also had another strong showing from Ballarat and representation from Sydney.

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Thursday, 8th Feb

The details of all the award winners are set out below and congratulations go to the Serve and Slay team for winning this years Cup.

We enjoyed two fabulous weeks of tennis and social events which included the Opening Cocktail function, Mid tournament party at the Richmond Rowing Club, the Billets party at The Melbourne Club and a fantastic dinner at Marvel Stadium. We even got to enjoy a great night of music at the club when Tony Bafunno entertained the RMTC with his talent night!

The Committee would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s event and especially those who kindly billeted players from overseas and interstate. We also thank Mark Wallace for his tremendous work in assisting in creating the draws for this year’s Boomerang Cup.

We look forward to seeing you all at the next Boomerang to be held in 2026. Next year we plan to host a Roo Trophy in January 2025.

Thank you from the Boomerang Committee

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Boomerang Cup

Winners - Serve and Slay

Runners-Up - The Remnants

Semi-finalists - Drop Bears

Semi-finalists - Judas

George Black

Jonathan Hamer

John Hearst

Will Buckley

James Ciro

Katie Leppard

Paul Davis

Joseph Filippelli

St John Barter-Waters

Charlie Wells

Adam Whitford

Lewis Jan

Eve Filippelli

Derrick Wells

Cormac Mulcahy

Reggie Michelson

Isabella Presti

Kevin Snel

Peter Stanley

Hugh Schultz

Harry Purcell

Xavier Wilson

Boomerang Plate

Winners - Leamington Bath PigsRunners-Up - The Rest
Henry BryanDuncan Crockett
Andrew DaltonJulie Davies
Kevin HigginsSimon Joel
Robert StewartSarah Butler
Adam StokesPatrick Sherwood
Anthony Poolman

RMTC Handicap Doubles Division A

WinnersRichard Pagone & Blake Hillebrand
Runners-UpJulia McCahey & Emma Clyde
Semi-finalistsRobert Stewart & Adam Stokes
Adam Whitford & Jonathan Buckley

RMTC Handicap Doubles Division B

WinnersReggie Michelson & Will Buckley
Runners-UpGeorge Black & Harry Purcell
Semi-finalistsJack Woods & Geoff Dempster
Anwaar Spence & Andrew Mackinnon

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