On Grand Final morning the club was slightly quieter than usual, down on Swan street all the road signs had been redesigned to “Hawk st” especially for the big day. Supporters flocked to the MCG gates in anticipation of a great game.

Meanwhile at RMTC, a small draw of 5 pairs all turned up cheerful and willing to enjoy the tennis as a warm up before the main Grand Final being played at the MCG between rival teams, Sydney Swans and Hawthorn. Tt was a social and highly interactive morning, involving non stop play or marking all morning, efficiently kept on track by Jonners, before a Grand Final was played between the highly competitive Chris Webb and steady partner Michelle O’Rorke against occasional pairing of Lesley O’Byrne and Fiona Hewson. This win went to the Hawthorn pairing of Hewson and O’Byrne, perhaps a little bittersweet as later in the day at least one Swan’s supporter (Chris Webb) in the tournament was happy with the result.

Well done to the Hawks and the Swans.

O’Byrne and Hewson def Webb and O’Rorke 6/3