Little in this world unfolds as we predict. Indeed, how could Owen have foretold that his prediction to win, in partnership with Lizzie Brown, and receive 3 bottles of Pol Champagne, would come to naught? Ten players seemingly playing for fun were actually playing to win!

Fiona Hewson, playing with Vince Scopellitti, decided to take possession of the net providing excellent target practice for her opponents. Susie Lindsay, returning to the court after some absence proved to be quite an assertive player, and if not dangerous to her opposition then to her partner Mark Miller.

Lizzie Brown was in deadly form. That smile and delightful feminine tennis (Ed. – I think Lizzie made an impression on someone on Saturday!) dress masking awesome speed and cunning and it was no surprise that she was declared the 2011 Norm Smith Winner.

Sophie Johnson was so keen to make up for her partner on the day, Paul Andrews, she sprained her ankle; however, she is made of strong stuff and duly declined any of the special attention on offer.

The men played with gusto but are not as interesting as the women who clearly are a force to be watched … with the Boomerang coming up.

The ultimate victors were Tim Threlfall and Michael Mac Aleavey whose fun turned to winning, even after surviving a Presidential call for a count back. As victors we enjoyed the spoils even if Pol Champagne morphed into 2 bottles of VB.

Julie Baker and Lizzie were wonderful, insuring everyone enjoyed a great lunch before the replay of the Grand Final was underway.

Michael Mac Aleavey