RMTC vs. Ballarat RTC 9th Sept 2012
The Men’s Eureka Cup and Ladies Larwood Cup

Two trophies at stake. Two teams keen to take them home. Two courts on which to decide the outcome.

The Ladies of Ballarat (Wendy Whitehead & Stephanie Williams) started the day well with a precision and clinical [9-2] despatching of the first up pair from RMTC of Rosie Snell and Michelle O’Rourke. Not to take the situation without a fight Isabelle Carr put away Jenni Murphy [6-2] in the first singles of the day.

The pattern continued up to lunch time – with each advance being equally and capably countered. Lunch time score reflected three wins apiece.

Lunch consisted of vegetable and noodle soup, with fresh bread, fine cheese and biscuits accompanied by sliced fresh pears and was provided by Alistair Curley – for which we thank you Alistair . It appeared to have an adverse impact on the Ballarat ladies performance, as they were unable to secure another win against the Melbourne team. Special mention goes to Michell O’Rourke, who having finished her allotted matches, and had changed and consumed a beverage, changed back into her whites to support Isabelle Carr, and battle out the penultimate Larwood Cup match for a closely fought 9/8 win.

Final Score: Larwood Cup: Melbourne won 7 Matches to 3.

In the men’s’ competition – the Eureka cup – the pattern of win one, lose one started in the same manner as the ladies competition and continued up until Chris Webb and Steve Wood broke Ballarat’s rhythm and took the score at the lunch break to Melbourne 4 – Ballarat 2.

After lunch, Melbourne won the following two matches to give the home side an unassailable 6-2 lead. BRTC are never known to give up without a fight and regained their composure to convincingly win the last two matches.

Special mention to Steve Wood who won three out of three; and to Mike Carroll who after only twelve months in the sport now boasts a very impressive doubles handicap of 28.

Final Score: Eureka Cup: Melbourne won 6 Matches to 4.

A final thanks must go to Jonners, Kate, Tabs and Frank who between them made the day extremely enjoyable for all including the mid-match reorganising, marking, ‘twixt-point yarn telling and end of event speech making. From the participants, we’d like to thank you all.