On Saturday 10th September the RMTC Eureka and Larwood teams travelled to Ballarat for our annual skirmish with the out-of-town chapter of our real tennis fraternity.  The Eureka (mens) team was made up of Owen Guest, Richard Hince, Graeme Richardson, Mike Garnett, JVC Guest and Chris Web and all players came away with at least one win allowing the RMTC to take the trophy 4 matches to 2.

Eureka Results:

O. Guest/Hince def. Mark Hartnell/John Faull 8/7

JVC Guest/M. Garnett lost to Peter Dunne/Bruce Christie 2/8

JVC Guest/C. Webb def. Stuart Strange/J. Faull 8/1

R. Hince/G. Richardson lost to Wayne Spring/J. Faull 4/8

O. Guest/G. Richardson def. P. Dunne/W. Spring 8/2

M. Garnett/C. Webb def. B. Christie/Rod Unmack 8/6


Our Larwood (ladies) team was represented by Fiona Hewson, Cora Trevarthen and Georgie Lewis who each played well but unfortunately fell short of the Ballarat team losing 1 match to 3.

Larwood Results:

F. Hewson/C. Trevarthen def. Annie Strange/Jenni Murphy 8/7

G. Lewis/F. Hewson lost to J. Murphy/Wendy Whitehead 3/8

G. Lewis/C. Trevarthen lost to W. Whitehead/Alison Dugdale 6/8

F. Hewson/C. Trevarthen lost to W. Whitehead/A. Dugdale 7/8


The players from both teams had an excellent time in Ballarat as we always do and for that we thank everyone from the Ballarat RTC for their hospitality.  It was also very nice of the BRTC to renovate their change rooms in time for our arrival.  Well done BRTC on your renovation as it is a great improvement.