Day 4 Results from the Link Pumps Australian Open in Melbourne…

Doubles dominated Day 4 of the Australian Open. The top seeds Rob Fahey and Mike Happell were challenged by the charismatic combination of Graham Hyland and Paul Tabley. I was going to sat the oldies surprised by taking the second set but I am not sure if that’s correct! Anyway, the ageless Fahey and Happell got home 6/3 5/6 6/2 6/0 in an entertaining match,

Then followed a couple of comfortable wins as Bryn Sayers and Kieran Booth easily accounted for Colin Lumley and Jonathan Howell, while Ricardo Smith and Ben Matthews were much too strong for Michael and Daniel Williams.

The final doubles was magnificent. Bret Richardson and Nick Howell won a dramatic five setter against Julian Snow, taking the last set 6/3 after two and a half hours’ top notch doubles. This was a match of high quality from the outset – Bret patrolled the net like a cat, Nick was aggressive from the back of the court, while Julian was relentless in his retrieving. Ruaraidh took a little while to find his feet after a long lay off but ended the match as sharp as ever. It was also great that such a good match – played in excellent spirit – was witnessed by such a large crowd. We hope to see Ruaraidh on court again soon.

There was also one Women’s Open match yesterday. Sue Haswell (UK) and Amy Hayball played out an absorbing three setter, with Sue emerging the win after a very tight tussle.

The crowds – for the first four days of the event – have been excellent and the ‘experiment’ of pairing the Open with the Boomerang has been a clear success.

Today is an Open rest day, so here are the key matches this weekend:

Men’s Singles Semis
Sat 1.30 Bryn Sayers (2) v Ben Matthews (4)
Sat 3.30 Robert Fahey (1) v Kieran Booth (3)

Women’s Singles Semis
Sat 11.00 Claire Vigrass (1) v Pru McCahey
Sat 12.00 Kate Leeming (2) v Sue Haswell

Men’s Doubles Semis
Sun 12.30 Robert Fahey & Mike Happell (1) v Bret Richardson & Nick Howell
Sun 3.00 Bryn Sayers & Kieran Booth (2) v Ricardo Smith & Ben Matthews (3)

Women’s Doubles Semi
Sun 11.00 Kate Leeming & Sue Haswell (1) v Pru McCahey & Rosie Snell

The singles finals will be on Monday, starting with the Women at 5pm, followed by the Men not before 6pm. The doubles finals will be on Tuesday, starting with the Women at 5pm, followed by the Men not before 6pm.

Finally, a last reminder that we have the Pro Am Doubles on Wednesday. This is your chance to play with Fahey, win with Bryn or share (the court) with Claire. The players will be auctioned at tonight’s Boomerang Cocktail Party so get ready to bid (and contact me if you can’t attend but want to bid).

See you at the club!

Alistair Curley
Chair of Tennis