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Happy Hour for long weekend

Latest news from the RMTC You are most welcome to join your fellow members for a drink to start the long weekend. There will also be one or two Hobart members here for the Percy Finch, so please make them welcome. Wines normally under $30 are now $20 a bottle and beer $3. See you from 6-8pm Julie Baker Head of Social ============================================================ ==============================================  

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The 2012 ROO CUP is set to be played at the RMTC from Monday 9th to Saturday 14th January.  There will be singles and doubles, a welcome gathering on the Monday as well as a finals dinner under a marquee in the club gardens on the Saturday.  This is an invitation to all our members and friends of the RMTC to come and play this January in the 2012 Roo Cup.  Please find the entry form in the link below.

2012 RMTC Roo Cup Entry Form


Ladies World Championship Fundraiser

The Ladies World Championship Carnival to be played from 8 – 14th May at the RMTC was launched in grand style on Friday night with Pizza and Pasta seemingly being served on tap. Lizzie Brown, Frank Filippelli, Andrew Schnaider, Michael Petruccelli and Dina Filippelli prepared, cooked and presented a wonderful assortment of dishes in a fundraising effort for the upcoming LWC and it was good to see the level of support for this endeavour as 95 of us came to the party.

Lizzie Brown and Amy Hayball entertained and informed the crowd as to what is in store during the upcoming Carnival. The message is clear, we will have tennis for all standards of play and a variety of entertaining evenings including the Opening Cocktail Party on Sunday 8th and a Champagne Night on Friday 13th. The Mixed Doubles tournament will take place on Sunday 8th so start looking for a partner; for as Amy said on the evening “all the women have to come and play because if you don’t there will be no more women (Ed. We think she meant to say there will be no more women’s tennis). The biggest cheer for the evening was reserved for Dina Filippelli whose smile and Chilli source still brings out the best in everyone.

At around 10pm the night changed gears as Tony Bafunno pulled out his guitar and microphone and played his seemingly endless list of hits from the 60s onwards. A number of people got up for a duet including Julie Davies, Alistair Curley, Philip Barker and Natasha Heughan and the dance floor was occupied until 2am.

It was a huge night full of a lot of goodwill and fun. Thank you to everyone involved, and ladies, now is the time to support the ladies game in Australia by filling out the Ladies World Championship Form by following the link below. The events are on so come and play.

2011 Ladies WC’s_entryform (Final)

Owen Guest

100 & Overs

The first event of the RMTC’s regular season for 2011, the 100 and Overs Tournament, was played today by ten pairs, none of whom lived up to the event’s reputation for catering to the old and cantankerous.  Everyone seemed to be playing well with no particular team proving dominant.  Each of the semi-finalists had tasted defeat during the round robin stage with two of the teams having 2/2 (win/loss) records – so things were tight.  Through to the semi-finals were Sophie Johnson and Peter Fenwick who were pitted against Greg Moran and Steve Wood, and Russell Middleton and Greg Reid who played Brigitte Claney and Charles Wright.

The semi’s were surprisingly one sided.  It is always interesting to see how a good pair can still occasionally come up against a combination to which they have no answers.  The results were:

1st Semi

Moran/Wood def. Fenwick/Johnson 6/0

2nd Semi

Moran/Wood def. Claney/Wright 6/1

The final was played in good humour as well as with plenty of skill.  Greg, who won a club event late last year and Steve who is usually there-about in these handicap doubles events, both played well.  At one stage Steve served the perfect Cannonball to protect a chase.  On another occasion Steve’s Cannonball slammed straight into the Bandeau before ricocheting off narrowly missing Russell.  Russell’s partner Greg is a big man and was able to provide ample coverage for Russell to hide behind during later points.  Regardless, Steve’s aggressive and effective serving was not enough.  Greg is a fast improving player with a natural volley and Russell was clearly man-of-the-match.  During the final Russell successfully played volley returns to half a yard as well as a superb smash volley to protect the Dedan which went for a winner just below the Winning Gallery.  Congratulations Russell and Greg on your first tournament wins at the RMTC and well done to everyone to everyone else for making it a fun day.


Middleton/Reid def. Moran/Wood 6/2

Owen Guest


President’s Cup in Hobart – Congratulations Andrew Kemp

Last weekend a group of us went down to Hobart to play the President’s Cup and otherwise enjoy the Hobart Real Tennis Club. We played 12 matches on the Saturday and another 5 on Sunday and I am very pleased to be able to say that the RMTC were victorious by 11 rubbers to 6. Our team consisted of Richard Simpson, Richard Travers, Jeremy and Evelyn Howard, Tim Hurburgh, Paul Wheeler, Henry Turnbull, Iain Buchanan, Anabelle Guest and me with everyone enjoying at least one win. It was very nice to be accompanied by Isabelle Hurburgh, Libby Simpson, Denise Barratt, Helen Wheeler and Caroline Travers. Everyone had a few highlights but particular mentions go to Richard Simpson for his main wall winning gallery shot, Jeremy Howard for anchoring 3 matches with his wrong hand and to Evelyn Howard who was clearly best-on-court in each match she played.

It wasn’t all hard work for the team. On Saturday night we enjoyed what was an important night for the HRTC as we honoured Andrew Kemp in what was a celebration of his becoming an Honorary Life Member of the club. During the evening the past Presidents of the two clubs were asked to tell a story of their most embarrassing moments during their term. Amusing anecdotes were heard from Paul Wheeler, George Casimaty and Warren Boyles. Henry Turnbull claimed that his term was completely without incident but it was Richard Travers who won the Champagne for asking a man, who was playing tennis with a young girl he didn’t recognise, the name of his daughter only to be told that she was his second wife!

Alistair Curley gave a wonderful speech about Andrew Kemp and then Andrew spoke to his heart’s content ignoring first his wife and then his own wise words to keep it short. At one point he said he would like to finish with his regrets of which he had NONE – he then went to sit down before bouncing back up to continue for another 5 minutes. It was all good fun.

Andrew is the patron of the HRTC and on behalf of everyone at the RMTC we’d like to thank him for everything he’s done for the club in making it the generous and hospitable club that it is that so many of us have enjoyed visiting over the years. We would also like to thank John Ramsay (HRTC President) and Barry Toates for hosting and arranging a great weekend and to anyone heading down that way I recommend Sunday lunch at the Meadowbank vineyard on the way to the airport.

Owen Guest

Mid-July Update

The cold wet winter has brought out the best in RMTC social activity.  On Wednesday, July 14 Bastille Day, Richard Travers delivered a wonderfully enlightening talk on two of the world’s older courts, Suze la Rousse and Pau.  Out of the many tit-bits of information it was especially entertaining to hear that at the turn of the 19th century the junior pro at Pau was required to report to the committee any shenanigans the members daughters were getting up to in the Dedans – a requirement that has been passed down and still remains to this day.  Afterwards everyone stayed for a feast of Beef Bourguignon and Chocolate Mousse.

On Friday night the club’s convivial atmosphere continued despite the occasion marking the departure of our professional Chris Chapman as he leaves us to take up a position at Hampton Court in England.  Chris started work at the RMTC in September 2007 and in that time he has shown himself to be a gentleman and a first class professional.  Chris’s game is improving rapidly because of both the support he has received and the work he has put in and so it comes as no surprise that he has been snapped up by an overseas club.  We wish him all the best as he takes this next step in his real tennis journey.  Over 70 people came to celebrate Chris’s time spent with us at the RMTC and a big thankyou goes out to Lizzie Brown, Helen Wheeler and Julie Baker for making the night the success it was.


RMTC Historical Night with Richard Travers

Wednesday 14 July, 2010

The once and future courts – Suze-la-Rousse and Pau
Richard Travers

What better way to celebrate Bastille Day than to hear about these two tennis courts in southern France? The court in Suze is defunct, but the one in Pau, modelled on the courts in the Jardin des Tuileries in Paris, may yet free itself from trinquet, and be restored to a proper real tennis court – the members of the Cercle du jeu de paume de Navarre are quietly confident!

The talk will be from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm in the committee room, and will be followed by dinner for those who wish to stay on to celebrate le quatorze juillet. Please place your name on the signup sheet in the club.

100 & Over Doubles

A most impressive attendance of 12 pairs (plus assorted hangers-on) attempted gamely to break J. Hewson’s stranglehold on the highly-prized 100 & Overs trophy on Sunday, but in the end no-one could find a way past the cunning septuagenarian (adequately supported on the day by the club’s vice-president).

Such was Hewson’s bravado and power in the match after the cheese course, some in the dedans suggested that he may have imbibed a little red wine over lunch, thus providing this great gladiator of the court with a chemically-enhanced advantage.

The fallen pair in the final was led by P. Wheeler (and assisted by J. Wheeler), who had himself partnered Hewson to two of his historic 100 & Overs victories, but who could not draw on that experience to find a way past this wily warrior. Wheeler and Wheeler seemed to find some comfort in the thought that Parent & Offspring success might provide something of a counterpoint to this day’s disappointment.

The third of the tournament’s septuagenarians, JVC Guest, did not receive the support he needed from his partner (and blog post author) J. Howard, and did not proceed to the pointy end of the tournament.

Pizza Night – 27 March

The renowned RMTC pizza specialists – Lizzie Brown, Frank Filippelli, and Michael Petruccelli – have been persuaded to put on another of their very popular evenings, on Friday 27 March starting at around 6-00pm.

The evening will be a fundraiser for Dan Williams, Simon Carr and Paul Rosedale who have been selected for the U26 Australian team touring England and America in July, where they will represent us in the inaugural George Limb Trophy at Lord’s in London, and then attempt to regain the Clothier Cup in Newport, Rhode Island.

The cost is $20 per person, with an (initial) limit of 60 spots. Please sign up at the club or call the pro-shop.

See you there.