Boomerang Update #3

Round 16 Results:

HK Raiders def. RMTC Cardinals 4/0

MCC Demons def. Hobart Devils 3/1

RMTC Galacticos def. RMTC Roaring 40s 2/2

RTC Banshees def. Ballarat Nuggets 3/1

Newmarket Nasties def. MCC Crickets 4/0

Hampton Court Royals def. Mad Hatters 3/1

Seacourt Sandscratchers def. Manchester City United 2/2

Hampton Court Tudors def. Holyport All Stars 2/2

Congratulations to all 16 teams on surviving to this point.  And as we write this the remaining 8 teams are playing – early results are showing that Julian Snow’s Galacticos are through to the semi-finals!