May 2014

Upcoming Tournaments

Latest news from the RMTC ———————————————————— The Royal Melbourne Tennis Club 131 Years ———————————————————— ———————————————————— ———————————————————— UPCOMING TOURNAMENTS -EMPIRE DAY TOURNAMENT- Friday 23^rd May -Tennis from 7.00am-9.00am followed by breakfast -SHERWOOD STREET CUP-SAT 24^th -Sun 25^th May -Club H’cap championship for handicap 50+ players -Matches played off handicap -JUNIOR CLINICS (U18s)- Sun 25^th May -2.30pm-4.30pm -QUARTERLY MEDAL #2 – SAT 31^st May -Round robin handicap singles played on the clock. …

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Exhibition Street Cup-Open H’cap Sing/Doub 17th-18th May

Latest news from the RMTC ———————————————————— The Royal Melbourne Tennis Club 131 Years ———————————————————— ———————————————————— ———————————————————— EXHIBITION STREET HANDICAP SINGLES/DOUBLES SAT 17^th – SUN 18^th May 2014 Open knockout handicap Singles. All first day losers eligible for round robin doubles on the Sunday. Please contact the pro shop to book your place in this wonderful tournament. ============================================================

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Day 3- 2014 World Championship

Latest news from the RMTC

2014 World Championship Day 3

Another Announcement


we are delighted to advise that the world championship will recommence at 6.30pm, it will be a great night and there will be a light supper provided here at the RMTC.

Get on down to the Club, or watch on our streaming, via You Tube, search for Real Tennis 2014.

Owen Guest
Chairman – World Championship Committee 
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Hi everyone,
The final day of the world championship has been delayed, with the match being postponed due to the court sweating. The Club is doing what we can to dry the court and will make a final decision about whether the match can be played just after 5pm.

An announcement will be emailed out to members and the world championship attendees at this time and the match will start at 6.30pm.
Other exciting news, today the final of the World Championship Handicap Doubles was played which included Tabs and Owen against Julian Snow and Jonners Howell.
The handicap was owe 15, receive half 15.
It was a great game which showcased Tabs’ fantastic finals form and Owen ever steady in the first set taking the set 5-3, against Julian and Jonners who warmed up to take the second set with Julian and Jonners defending two match points to steal the set 5/4.
At a set all, with the third set starting at 3 all, with Tabs showing his court craft and hitting his targets at the right time he and Owen forged ahead to win the match.
Well done all and thanks to the World Championship marker, Andrew Lyons.

Day 2 – 2014 World Championship

Latest news from the RMTC

Day 3 is here!

Match resumes at 2pm AEST today, 5am BST, 12 midnight EST. Live streaming on You Tube is fantastic quality so if you can’t be here in person get online. Search for Real Tennis 2014 and see the completion of the 2014 World Championship.

2014 World Championship Day 2

R Fahey leads C Riviere 0/6 5/6 6/4 6/3 2/6 6/4 6/1 6/3
5 sets to 3

After the drama of day 1, the 48 hours of suspenseful waiting for day 2 was too much for some as the crowd started to arrive from about 5pm; a good hour-and-a-half before the scheduled start of play and a half hour before the champagne was set to flow. By 6pm it was clear that the RMTC was going to be packed with even more spectators than were present on day 1, as more and more locals realised that history was unfolding in their own backyard.

Once again Jonathan Howell introduced the players as well as Andrew Lyons the marker before the players took the court and begun hitting up. No sign of Camden’s bang on the head or Rob’s burst blood vessel from day 1 were evident during the warm up and before we knew it Andrew Lyons was inviting Rob to serve. As he did on Tuesday the champ opened with his signature railroad and following a tentative wrest he won the opening point with a guided forehand into the winning gallery. Despite Camden winning the opening games of the day’s first set as he did on Tuesday, the tempo was different. Both players found the dedan and grille early and energy levels seemed to be high. Camden continued to retrieve all but Rob’s very best shots often flicking them into the last gallery. Rob’s railroad looked much stronger than on Tuesday but once again he struggled to find his range on the return of serve and backhand as he hit a number of shots in the net. The 1^st set unforced errors
ultimately cost Rob the set.

Fifth Set 6/2 to Camden Riviere

The second set of the day was close all the way. Rob was finding his range and making fewer errors and even more importantly was starting to find his mojo against Camden’s serving. The volley returns that were going into the net were now fizzing and curling into the main wall and they were mixed with some topspun forehand roll, main wall dedan and short boast shots. Throughout the set you got the impression Rob was building towards something whereas Camden appeared to be finding the going just that bit tougher than he had to date in this match. Rob moved to a 5 -2 lead before Camden dragged the score back to 5 – 4 using a combination of speed, changes of pace and in the 8^th game he wrong footed Rob beautifully. However, Rob wasn’t going to blow a good lead during the second set two days running and he closed it out convincingly.

Sixth Set 6/4 to Rob Fahey

Rob Fahey is back! The opening game of the 7^th set was a drawn out affair that included an exquisite stone dead forehand volley from the champ that was so good that Julian Snow was heard to say “not a bad shot really”. Rob won the opening game only after multiple deuces and changes of ends before seemingly undergoing a transformation. The years were wound back, the swagger and court presence returned along with his aggressive shot making. At one point he moved to the 1^st gallery to make a winning volley. A grille here and another there helped Rob win 18 of 19 points to move the score to 5 -0. During this period Camden was searching for a serve to slow the champ down as his railroad that had worked so well on day 1 was losing its effectiveness. About half way through this purple patch, during a particular wrest the pair exchanged shots back and forth before Camden, playing a ball off the penthouse, managed to hit what would normally have been a main wall tambour
winner only to watch as Rob did a 360° pirouette at the same time as hitting the ball down the main wall to chase worse than 2. When he won the set, Rob took the lead for the first time in this World Championship.

Seventh Set 6/1 to Rob Fahey

Camden was by no means playing as though a spent force but the momentum was now clearly against him. He tried serving some heavily spun high drops to counteract Rob’s volley return with some effect but overall, for the second day running, it is Rob who finished looking stronger and full of running.

Eighth Set 6/3 to Rob Fahey

Rob now leads the match 5 sets to 3 but overall there is little between the two players, except perhaps for an ability to win the big points. On day 1 Camden seemed able to win the majority of game points available and yet he did not capitalise whereas on day 2, the big points started going Rob’s way and he got full value.

Come and join us tomorrow at the Royal Melbourne Tennis Club or watch live on YouTube (search for Real Tennis 2014) and see the completion of the 2014 World Championship.

Owen Guest
Chairman – World Championship Committee
Final call for tickets:


ALL TO PLAY FOR- World Championship

Latest news from the RMTC


Day Two of the World Championship provided us with yet another enthralling evening’s play. Around 240 guests from around the tennis world crammed into the club and were treated to tennis of an extraordinary calibre. Rob Fahey showed all the qualities of the great champion he is, and won the day by three sets to one. Fahey now leads by five sets to three. Both players need seven sets to claim victory.

A full match report of the evening will be sent later today but this note is to remind you about tomorrow’s arrangements.

Match tickets

You do not need to bring any printed tickets with you. If you have received an email from us confirming your seats, you are all good.

When? Saturday 2pm.

The final leg of up to five sets will start tomorrow Saturday at 2pm prompt, with champagne from 1pm.

There were still ten seats available earlier today, however they are selling fast, so book yours early to avoid disappointment. If you want a ticket, please contact the club asap.

Live Streaming

]For those unable to attend, we will again be streaming the match live – here are the viewing details
 The streaming is a huge success, and is a great way to enjoy the match if you can’t be here.


Car parking is at a premium with over 200 people here each day. Please do not assume you will find a car space at the club. We recommend that you either arrive by taxi or public transport, or park some distance away from the club.

Social Events

If you are attending the final dinner tomorrow night at the Australian Club, please note that it starts at 7pm, and dress is black tie.

What a night we all had…with much more to come.


Alistair Curley
Chair of Tennis


Day 1 – 2014 World Championship

Latest news from the RMTC

2014 World Championship Day 1
R Fahey is level with C Riviere 0/6 5/6 6/4 6/3

Hyperbole is a device vastly over employed by sports commentators, but day 1 of the 2014 world championship was the greatest day of tennis ever. The four sets played by Robert Fahey and Camden Riviere over more than two-and-a-half hours brought out the best in the players. The two hundred and thirty odd people watching court side as well as the five hundred and fifty watching online were privy to the beginning of a match that already has provided us with drama in the form of injuries, extreme competition, a little gamesmanship and wonderful sportsmanship as well.

At a little after 6.30, having already devoured our Pol Champagne and oysters, we settled into our seats to first listen to Cynthia Sear sing the Star Spangled Banner and Advance Australia Fair, which was followed immediately by the only slightly less melodious notes of Jonathan Howell introducing the players and the match, and then it was time to begin. As the crowd began to hush, it was revealed that just as in 2012, Rob had won the toss and elected to serve. Rob started the match with his trademark railroad serve but lost the opening point and game following some seemingly tentative rallies. Camden won the serve during the second game and showed us that his serving plan would largely be a mix of slow heavily spun left-handed railroads. If there was a pattern to the first set it was that Rob was fading a lot of balls to Camden’s forehand from the receiving end and that Camden was capable of running almost any shot down. There were few obvious attempts at aggressive
shot play by either player and the tempo clearly favoured Camden as after 18 minutes the score was …

First Set 6/0 to Camden Riviere

With such an inauspicious start to the match from Rob some form of attempt to kick-start his defence was expected. Although his struggles continued he was clearly trying to get a few more revs on his railroad and more penetration on his ground strokes – in particular he started picking on Camden’s backhand from the service end. In the eighth game of the match Rob hit a flat hard forehand into the grille which, looking back on it, could be described as the moment when the contest evened up. Rob won his first game and with increasingly solid play took a 4 – 2 lead. Camden in the meantime continued to frustrate, frustrate Rob that is, as for us he was a joy to watch. His railroad was extremely effective, to this point in the match Rob had not managed one main wall dedan force off the serve (his signature shot for 20 years) and there were few balls he could not retrieve whether forced or on the floor. And before we knew it the score was 4 – 4. Rob won the 9^th game of the
set but then an unforced error, a lucky net break to Camden followed by an exquisite forehand drive into the dedan made the score 5 – 5. In the final game of the set, Camden’s racquet work under pressure and Rob’s wild return of serve onto the penthouse was enough to give Camden the second set.

Second Set 6/5 to Camden Riviere

It would be fair to say that at this stage of the match the crowd was a little stunned. Camden seemed incapable of making an error. In a game of small margins Rob’s serve seemed to lack a little fizz, his return of serve was without its customary venom and winning openings were few and far between. Once again Camden won the first game of the set. Still, as we all know, on court Rob likes a scrap (judging from the glare Cam gave Rob during a change of ends I suspect he likes one too). Just as it did at Queens in 2012, Rob’s railroad improved as the match progressed and with it came the rest of his game. His punches to Camden’s backhand were firmer and the grille seemed to grow wider. At 3 – 2 to Rob, Camden required a break for injury having cut his head by running into the wall. In total 7 to 8 minutes were lost halting the momentum of both players. On the return of play it was as though Rob had his old strut back. Many of the rallies were long and the skill of both
players supreme but it was Rob who took his lead out to 5 – 2. Still nothing was given easily by either player, 5 – 2 became 5 – 4 before Rob had a set point. Rob served a bobble before making an unforced volleying error into the net. He then lost the serve and then the point for the score to become deuce. Another point followed by a change of ends had Rob serving for the set again (protecting chase the 2^nd gallery). A railroad, an uppish volley return from Camden, followed by a forehand drive to hazard the 1^st gallery by Rob, was perfectly read by Camden as he ran forward only to mishit the volley into the net.

Third Set 6/4 to Rob Fahey

For Rob the fourth set was a matter of getting the match back on a level pegging and for Camden it was about taking a lead on a day where he had dominated the majority of play. As it turned out, the fourth set was the one when Rob became the dominant player. Perhaps it was Camden’s disappointment of not having a solid first day lead over Rob, or just the general tension of the situation that led to a little on court friction between the pair – either way it added to the drama for the crowd.

At the end of play both players met at the net and clasped hands in a display that showed their mutual appreciation for each other and the occasion.

Fourth Set 6/3 to Rob Fahey

What a contrary game. With the champ having very recently celebrated his 46^th birthday and constantly giving his opponent 19 years one might suggest that it is Rob who needs to get off to a flying start each day and that lengthy rearguard actions would be the domain of the younger man. Apparently not. Is the old champ playing the long game and yet to reveal his full repertoire? Was Camden’s momentum temporarily stopped by his injury? All we know is that as things stand in this World Challenge everything is pointing towards an epic battle.

If you are in Melbourne tomorrow night you are mad if you are not here, and if you are not, get onto YouTube and search for “Real Tennis 2014” and watch it live from 6.30pm.

Owen Guest
Chairman – World Championship Committee

If you would like to attend the match it is not too late. There is space available for General Admission on day 2 (Thursday 6.30pm) and seats (but only a few) on day 3 (Saturday 2pm). At this late stage it is easiest if you contact me directly by email using


TWO SETS ALL! – World Championship

Latest news from the RMTC


Last night was one of the great nights in our club’s history. Around 230 guests from around the tennis world were packed into the club and were treated to a thrilling night’s tennis. Rob Fahey battled from two sets down to take the 3rd and 4th sets, and square the match. The tennis in the final set was of exceptional calibre and everyone was privileged to have been there. The match was full of drama – with two injury breaks – and tremendous tension.

A full report of the evening will be sent later today but this note is to remind you all of what is to come.

Match tickets

You do not need to bring any printed tickets with you. If you have received an email from us confirming your seats, you are all good. The second leg of four sets will start tomorrow Thursday at 6.30pm prompt, with champagne from 5.30pm. There will again be a light supper afterwards. Please be on time. With the match at two sets all, we are now guaranteed a third day’s play, and the match will commence at 2pm on Saturday. There will be champagne from 1pm.

If you still want a seat, please register asap – there are only general admission places available tomorrow but a few more seats are still available on Saturday which will of course provide the thrilling conclusion to this extraordinary match.

For those unable to attend, we will be streaming the match live.

The streaming was a massive success, and is a great way to enjoy the match if you can’t be here.


Car parking will be at a premium with over 200 people here each day. Please do not assume you will find a car space at the club. We recommend that you either arrive by taxi or public transport, or park some distance away from the club.

Social Events

Final Celebration Dinner is on Sat 10 May, Celebration Dinner, 7pm, The Australian Club, dress black tie.

If you are attending our Informal Dinner tonight, it’s 7pm at The Richmond Hill Larder in Bridge Road, Richmond. Dress is casual.

Lunches. Lunch are available at the club this week. Just come in and see Barbara.

What a night we all had…with much more to come.


Alistair Curley
Chair of Tennis


Only One Day To Go – World Championship

Latest news from the RMTC ———————————————————— Royal Melbourne Tennis Club 132 Years ———————————————————— ———————————————————— ———————————————————— ONLY ONE DAY TO GO! The World Championship is almost upon us. Tomorrow Tuesday sees Robert Fahey defend his title for the twelfth time, while Camden Riviere will seek to become Champion at his second attempt. A wonderful match is in prospect. To help your week go well, here are some key messages. Match tickets. …

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Live Streaming here

Tickets still available!

You are NOT too late – Tickets are still available.

 Match schedule and available seating is as follows:

Tickets on day 1 and 2 include pre match champagne from 5.30pm and a light post match supper.

Tue 6 May, 6.30pm, 4 sets

  • Club Room stools ($200) and General Admission ($60)

Thu 8 May, 6.30pm, up to 4 sets

  • Side Gallery ($200), Club Room stools ($200) and General Admission ($60)
  • Sat 10 May, 2pm, up to 5 sets.
  • Dedan ($330), Side Gallery ($200), Club Room stools ($200), Upper Gallery ($100) and General Admission ($60)

Be quick, there are very few seats left on Day 1 and Day 2.

Sat 10 May, 2pm, up to 5 sets if required

Day 3 tickets include pre match champagne. Please also note that those who have seats booked on day 1 and 2 you shall be required to take your seat by 6.15pm prior to the commencement of the match.

Social Events

Of course, being part of the World Championship is not just about watching the tennis. It’s a celebration of tennis and brings together people from all round the tennis world. Please join us at our social events. Here is what’s on offer.

  •  Mon 5 May. Welcome Cocktail Party, 6-8.30pm, The Melbourne Savage Club, dress jacket and tie.
  • Wed 7 May. Informal Dinner, 7pm, The Richmond Larder, dress smart casual.
  • Sat 10 May. Celebration Dinner, 7.30pm, The Australian Club, dress black tie.

Simply call the club to sign up for the social events. 03 9429 9788

See you next week.

Owen Guest
World Championship Committee