Today is the rest day for those playing in Boomerang 2013 and marks the end of week 1.  For some this means a trip to Romsey, for some it is a chance to get some practice in prior to the finals and for others there is competition between the RMTC, Manchester and the MCC.  A few have taken the opportunity to travel to Hobart as they await the completion of the round robin stage of the Boomerang.  In every case the players are recharging their batteries following attempts to qualify for the week 2 finals of the handicap doubles and Boomerang teams’ events.


Week 1 has seen some seriously good play from many players.  For those who are reading this but not involved this year, this year’s Boomerang has 28 teams and over 150 players from the UK, USA and Australia.  Off the court we held the official opening of the event at the Port Melbourne Yacht Club. The highlight was a surprise visit from the Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu who regaled us with a story of his own real tennis career to date as well as recognising the club and game for its enormous contribution to employment, the economy and the sporting landscape of Victoria – he was very funny.


It is difficult to hand pick the best of the tennis given the amount that has already been played so I will just give you a feel for who is doing well and who …. and who will be competing in the Boomerang Plate event come next Tuesday.  The reigning champions the RMTC Galacticos suffered a scare but have qualified for the finals despite a losing record, the Penthouse Pets played a magnificent match against the Attack Dolphins and have also qualified for the finals.  Congratulations also go to the MCC Boasties as well as the two new RMTC teams, the Gallery and the Hypotheticals.  The Ballarat Eureka’s are through alongside the Hobart Devils and from overseas Manchester United, the Newmarket Nutters, Hatfield Hedonists and the Radley Raiders are all through.  The remaining spots will be determined after Monday’s matches.


The round robin of the handicap doubles events were completed yesterday and there are a few standout pairings.  Tony Poolman alongside Allan Willingham are undefeated as are Evelyn Yee and Graham Newton, Claire Heughan and Bob Wilson, Tim Threlfall and Barry Johnson, Stella Heap and Tim Hurburgh, David Derham and Tim Manby-Brown, Anabelle Guest and Sophie Johnson, Dick Friend and Henry Turnbull, Nick Brodie and Alex Kurkjian, Robin Mace and Peter Stanley, Rob Scheiber and Paul Retschko, Simon Berry and Andrew Adamson and Richard Wyse alongside well travelled contender Ronald Paterson.  These players and the other qualifiers have until Thursday to prepare for the knockout stage.


For those who are thinking of coming in for a meal while the event is on Barbara is cooking breakfast and lunch to widespread acclaim.  Next week the knockout phase of the tournament begins leading up to the Saturday finals and the final presentation dinner at the MCG during which we shall be auctioning 8 professional players for the following day’s Pro-Am to be held at the RMTC.  If anyone would like to come to the dinner and/or be involved in the Pro-Am please call the club and let us know.


And finally, in case you are wondering what all the excitement is about, aside from being a gathering of the world’s most passionate players the Boomerang is also about the opportunity to win one of these!

Boom 2013 Trophies (415x640)

Owen Guest