August 2012

Richmond Silver Racket Club Open Handicap Singles

Richmond Silver Racket

The weekend of the 24-26th saw 16 players participate in a knockout handicap tournament for the Richmond Silver Racket.

Injuries and scheduling clashes saw this year’s tournament opened up to some higher handicap players creating a greater handicap gap amongst the players than is usually the case for this event.

The first round saw almost all the higher handicap players win through, Peter Estcourt being the notable exception overcoming our welcome visitor from Hobart in Graeme Blundstone.

The second round was a repeat of the first with the players receiving the added advantage getting over the line, the exception (of course) being Julian Snow again displaying the concentration and discipline required to cope with just about any restriction.

The semi-finals saw identical 6/5, 6/3 wins for Rudi Michelson and Michael Carroll over Julian Snow and Peter Estcourt respectively, again the handicap advantage proving a bridge too far, with the final seeing Michael prevailing narrowly over Rudi.

All matches were played with great spirit and camaraderie, it especially being wonderful to see C.J. back at the RMTC playing competitive tennis again.

Thanks to the Pros as usual for their tireless efforts in organising and marking all matches, especially Nick who represented the Pro Team admirably both on court and in the dedans performing marking duties 🙂

Michael Carroll

Quarterly Medal #3 – August 2012

The year’s third Quarterly Medal competition was held at the club on Saturday, 18th August. A full complement of 20 players contested the morning and afternoon sessions. The morning winners were Georgie Lewis and Greg Reid, whilst the afternoon competition resulted in right-down-to-the-wire wins to Claire Heughan & John McNamara. All of Saturday’s winners join those from the year’s earlier Quarterly Medals as qualifiers for the Medal of Medallists competition on Finals Day in December.

2012 Australian Open


Congratulations to Rob Fahey, Steve Virgona and Claire and Sarah Vigrass on their wins at the Australian Open.  For full coverage of the event please visit .  Well done also to the RMTC professionals Frank Filippelli, Jonathan Howell, Nick Howell and Kate Leeming who made the trip.  Frank made the semi-finals of the singles before falling to Rob Fahey and Kate also made the singles semi-finals as well as the doubles final with Amy Hayball.  Well done also to RMTC club champion Kieran Booth for taking a set off World No. 2 Steve Virgona and reaching the singles semi-final as well as the doubles final with his brother Hilton and to junior squad member Michael Williams for taking a set of Kieran Booth in the first round.  It was also good to see former RMTC professionals Andrew Fowler and Chris Chapman playing in the event.  And finally, well done to the HRTC and in particular Barry Toates and Graeme Bradfield for putting on what everyone has said was a well run event.


Rob Fahey def. Steve Virgona 6/5 6/3 6/1


Fahey/Virgona def. Booth/Booth 6/4 6/0 6/1


Claire Vigrass def. Sarah Vigrass 6/0 6/3


Vigrass/Vigrass def. Hayball/Leeming 6/1 6/1

Owen Guest

2012 North African Tournament

Eight pairs, being Tony John and Peter Blomquist, Georgie Lewis and Jonathan Sear, Malcolm Tadgell and Prue Atkins, the Brothers Aitken, Andrew Storey and Kate Leeming (filling in for David Mason), Charlie Wright and Chris Webb, Gavan Griffith and Rob Falconer and Quentin Clark and Andrew Schnaider, contested the 2012 North African Tournament, one of the Club’s premier fun handicap doubles events.

As usual, timed sets, cunning use of the farouk and sliding handicaps led to some very closely fought matches.

Following the round robin – five sets played by each of the pairs – the semi-finals were between the Brothers Aitken and Prue Atkins and Malcolm Tadgell and Peter Blomquist (filling in for the detained J. Sear) and Georgie Lewis and Quentin Clark and Andrew Schnaider.  Steady and consistent play from Atkins/Tadgell saw them prevail over the fast improving Aitkens.  The other semi will go down in the RMTC annals as the first time that Andrew Schnaider defeated his fiancée Georgie (albeit Georgie says that she remains undefeated in singles).

The final was remarkable for exceptionally good volleying by Malcolm in front of the tambour and Prue’s extremely tidy floor game.  Andrew and Quentin were one game to four down but rallied, with the benefit of a farouk, to win the next five games and the match, six games to four.

Some twenty diners were later entertained by Jonathan Sear’s discourse, delivered in his inimitable style, on tennis in North Africa, though it may be remarked that the hoola-hoop dancer who performed after dinner captured even more attention (Ed.she certainly did!).

Many thanks go to Georgie Lewis for cooking lunch in between wins and to Lizzie Brown’s Sudanese twin sister for preparing a feast for dinner.

Andrew Schnaider

2012 President’s Cup

Twelve RMTC members travelled down to a wintry Hobart to compete for the President’s Cup against HRTC, the Cup holders.  At the last moment the RMTC team was depleted to twelve, as Owen Guest, the Club President, injured himself on the preceding Thursday night and had to remain in Melbourne, ministered by the First Lady Anabelle.

The RMTC team of Robert Falconer, Evelyn Howard, Jon Hamer, Michelle O’Rorke, Mark Miller, Andrea Hamer, Chris Webb, Andrew Schnaider, Georgie Lewis, Julie Davies, Richard Travers andKim Dudson got off to a great start and led HRTC (who fielded twenty-one players) by four matches at the end of Saturday.

Hobart’s legendary hospitality during a “Christmas in July” themed dinner clearly had the better of many Melbourne players.  HRTC surged on Sunday morning, its players being no doubt more accustomed to playing through the inevitable effects of heavily tannic reds.  It was not until Richard Travers and Georgie Lewis won against the legendary Andrew Kemp and Peter Scollard early in the afternoon that RMTC’s victory was assured.  Late wins to HRTC meant that, across two days and nineteen matches, the respective sides were separated by only one match and five individual games.  No fewer than seven matches had gone eight-all, advantage all.

Both Graeme Bradfield and Jon Hamer spoke afterwards of the enduring camaraderie between the two Clubs.

Our thanks to Graeme Bradfield and his team for hosting us so well and to the evergreen Barry Toates for marking and organising the contest.  We look forward to defending the Cup in Melbourne in 2013.


RMTC defeated Hobart by 10 matches to 9.

Andrew Schnaider