June 2012

2012 Queen’s Birthday Handicap Doubles

On Monday 11th June 24 players celebrated the Queen’s 86th birthday (not having been able to make the little private gathering she held on April 21st) by playing handicap doubles.  We had a nice mix of old and new club members playing alongside Nick and Jonners Howell giving the event a nice feel.  Jonners’s sense of mischief shined forth in his arrangement of morning tea and lunch as on the celebration of the British monarch’s day he ordered from all French store Laurent!

Of the twelve pairs competing no team went undefeated on the day, and in the round-robin stage during which all pairs played four matches only two teams finished with a 3 – 1 win/loss record.  Of the teams that did not make the semi-finals but played well were Mike Carroll and Greg Reid (Ed. – is it true?  Did the all conquering Mike Carroll finally meet with defeat?), Jonners and Euahna Varigos, Brigitte Claney and Julie Davies, Jacob Davey and Steve Wood, Tony Miach and Chris Nobes, Mark Miller and Pia Richardson, Mike MacAleavey and Ingrid Sykes and Paul and Rosie Francis.

The semi-finalists on the day were James Guest partnered by Chris Webb (Ed. – well done Chris) who met their match when they were defeated by Gerald and Lesley O’Byrne and Owen Guest with Nick Howell who defeated Paul Scally and Wilson Lorimer after having to hit chases better than 3 & 4 etc..

In the final the O’Byrne’s were trying to emulate their victory earlier in the day against the Guest/Howell pairing but Nick Howell in particular was way too steady.  Apart from being the lucky beneficiary of Nick’s play, it was especially pleasing to see close up the improvement in Nick’s game as he anchored our team playing off a handicap of 10.  Nick is rapidly on his way to a single figure handicap which is just reward for the effort he has been putting in since he started in March this year.

We rounded out the day with a little Champagne in celebration of the day’s fun and also in an implied acknowledgement that the French have contributed more to international cuisine and vinification.

Thank you to Jonners for arranging the day and to everyone who played for joining in.

Queen’s Birthday Handicap Doubles


O. Guest/N. Howell def. W. Lorimer/P. Scally      8/5

G. O’Byrne/L. O’Byrne def. J. Guest/C. Webb     3/2


O. Guest/N. Howell def. G. O’Byrne/L. O’Byrne 6/2

Owen Guest

2012 Ladies Australian Amateur Singles

Congratulations Amy Hayball for winning the A.R.T.A.’s 2012 Ladies Australian Amateur Singles title.  The event which was played over the June 9/10th weekend had three divisions and so congratulations are also in order to Lesley O’Byrne for her win in the B Division and to Claire Heughan for winning the C Division.


In the final of the main event Amy and Rose Snell played off.  Both players have had health issues that could have seen them playing below but those watching were none the wiser.  After the game Rose remarked that she was happy with the way she had played.  The 6/2 6/3 score line in Amy’s favour was a reflection of Amy’s slightly more powerful and aggressive game.  Never-the-less Rose put up a gutsy fight and won her fair share of the points from positive play of her own.


2012 Ladies Australian Amateur Singles

Hayball def. R. Snell 6/2 6/3


B Division Winner

Lesley O’Byrne


C Division Winner

Claire Heughan

Owen Guest