March 2011

Old Scholar’s Handicap Doubles

Overshadowing the other major Melbourne event on Sunday 27th March was the Old Scholars Handicap Doubles, as eight teams all representing fine institutions of learning from the past (some finer than others), gathered at the RMTC to do battle and determine the Old Scholar’s winner for 2011.

Divided into two groups and tasked with playing three 8-game sets, highlights included the re-emergence of long-time members Ian Lindsay and David Worth, who played well in their first tournament in quite some time, as well the evergreen James Guest dispatching a Virgona-style cut volley into the tambour from second gallery.

The pool winners both emerged from 7-7 advantage all scenarios, with the Scotch College pair of James and Andrew Gould facing Russ Middleton and Greg Reid of Melbourne High in the final after clearly tight matches in their respective pools. The final was close despite the score line, as all four 40-40 games went the Goulds way resulting in a 8/2 final win for Scotch.

Overall the Old Scholar’s was played in a very good spirit as always, and a fantastic roast lunch capped off what was an enjoyable day for all.

Final Result:
A. Gould/J. Gould def. R. Middleton/G. Reid 8/2

James Gould

Ladies World Championship Fundraiser

The Ladies World Championship Carnival to be played from 8 – 14th May at the RMTC was launched in grand style on Friday night with Pizza and Pasta seemingly being served on tap. Lizzie Brown, Frank Filippelli, Andrew Schnaider, Michael Petruccelli and Dina Filippelli prepared, cooked and presented a wonderful assortment of dishes in a fundraising effort for the upcoming LWC and it was good to see the level of support for this endeavour as 95 of us came to the party.

Lizzie Brown and Amy Hayball entertained and informed the crowd as to what is in store during the upcoming Carnival. The message is clear, we will have tennis for all standards of play and a variety of entertaining evenings including the Opening Cocktail Party on Sunday 8th and a Champagne Night on Friday 13th. The Mixed Doubles tournament will take place on Sunday 8th so start looking for a partner; for as Amy said on the evening “all the women have to come and play because if you don’t there will be no more women (Ed. We think she meant to say there will be no more women’s tennis). The biggest cheer for the evening was reserved for Dina Filippelli whose smile and Chilli source still brings out the best in everyone.

At around 10pm the night changed gears as Tony Bafunno pulled out his guitar and microphone and played his seemingly endless list of hits from the 60s onwards. A number of people got up for a duet including Julie Davies, Alistair Curley, Philip Barker and Natasha Heughan and the dance floor was occupied until 2am.

It was a huge night full of a lot of goodwill and fun. Thank you to everyone involved, and ladies, now is the time to support the ladies game in Australia by filling out the Ladies World Championship Form by following the link below. The events are on so come and play.

2011 Ladies WC’s_entryform (Final)

Owen Guest


Richmond Cup

The Richmond Cup for handicaps of 60+ was played over the weekend of 19 and 20 March, with beautiful Melbourne Autumn weather and a spirit of fun and good fellowship, though tinged with sadness at the recent loss of one of the Club’s most well-liked members.

Highlights of the weekend included—
· Brigitte Claney’s deadly under-arm twist, taking her to a 6/0, 6/0 victory in an early round;
· Michael (“Dedans”) Macaleavy’s two marathon and very close three-setters; and
· a pirouette by Miller in the final which reduced the marker, Paul Tabley, to helpless laughter.

Some comments heard in the dedans:

There’s no skill in this game. It’s all the Laws of Newton, that’s all — Michael Macaleavy

If you’re going to run all that way, you might as well hit it! — Julia Page

Don’t worry Michael, your fitness will carry you through — CJ to Michael Macaleavy (as he leaned, panting, into the dedans)

I dropped two kilos just marking it — Marker CJ after the Page / Macaleavy marathon

Andrew Easton’s relaxed, but very effective, style ruled supreme in every round and a clear-cut 6/2, 6/2 final win. There is no doubt that the best player won. As Owen Guest commented, Andrew will never see a handicap in the 60s again.

Mark Miller

Ladies World Championship

You are invited to join the festivities at the 2011 Ladies Tennis Carnival
The Ballarat Tennis Club and Royal Melbourne Tennis Club are hosting the Ladies Australian Open and Ladies World Championships during May. As well as showcasing the top players in the world in the premier ladies event, the Carnival will cater to every tennis level with a minimum of seven different tournaments being run along side many exciting social functions. Please see the attached entry forms for full details of the events. Please note the closing date for entries of 11th April, 2011.

Links to the Entry Forms are below:
2011 Ladies WC’s_entryform (Final)

2011 Ladies Aust_Openentryform (Final)

Tell your friends, tell one and all to come and take part in this, the pinnacle of women’s tennis. There is something in it for everyone including:

– a chance to see and challenge the world’s best ever female player – Sarah Vigrass (handicap 7)
– play WC singles and doubles in the B and C grades (approx. handicaps of 45 – 75)
– play Mixed Doubles (you might want to ask someone to play with you)
– play in the inaugural Ladies Masters Singles event for those over 45 years.
– play in the WC handicap singles.

There is also going to be a Sunday (8th May) Cocktail party in the club, a Thursday night World Championship Tournament Dinner and a Champagne Night on the Friday evening (13th May).

See you in the club,

Owen Guest