January 2011

2011 Link Pumps Australian Open

Link Pumps Australian Open

Day 7

Link Pumps Australian Open Singles Final

Steve Virgona def. Rob Fahey 6/5 6/4 6/4

Steve Virgona became a three time winner of the Australian Open Singles title last night when he defeated World Champion Rob Fahey.  The match resembled an arm wrestle between two burly prize fighters.  In the first set Steve ground to a 3-1 lead only for Rob to up the ante with a series of winners to the Grille, Winning Gallery and Dedan to move to 5-4 up and looking set to take the first set – a similar pattern to last May in the WC.  However, Steve was then able to take it up a further notch using his amazing forehand to both retrieve at the service end and when opportunity arose to force beneath the Grille.  First set to Steve 6/5.

Steve’s service game throughout was similar to last May in that he complemented his variety of Railroads with the Caterpillar (designed to make Rob hit to Steve’s forehand).  This time however, Steve mixed them up more effectively and as the match progressed Steve was able to prevent the Champ from sustaining any momentum for long.  Rob made a fight of each of the final two sets but each time Steve weathered the storm and finished the stronger player.

The power hitting from both players was outstanding but the most memorable rally was finished off by a delicate lob by Rob after he had successfully brought and stranded Steve at the net.  It was a tremendous final and as well as being a replay of the World Championship match hopefully it will also be a precursor to the next one. 

Day 6

Steve Virgona playing with his sidekick Rob Fahey in the Link Pumps Australian Open Doubles Final was too strong for Ben Matthews and Julian Snow.  Steve’s forehand is both intimidating and effective with the only real upside for those playing at the opposite end being that it gives them multiple opportunities to hit the shot-of-the-match!  Ben Matthews won this award when he successfully volleyed a Virgona forehand smash (remember the shot from last May if you can’t envisage it) over the net!  Julian and Ben played with courage and much skill in their own right but on this occasion were not able to trade blows with the World’s No.1 pairing.

Link Pumps Australian Open Doubles Final

Fahey/Virgona def. Matthews/Snow 6/1 6/1 6/1

Day 5

In today’s, Saturday 29 January, results we have seen the two top seeds move through to Monday night’s Final.  In the first Semi Final Rob Fahey accounted for Ben Matthews with more efficiency than Ben would have liked.  And in the second Semi Final Steve Virgona was made to work by Bryn Sayers and his soft hands.  Bryn fell two sets to love down but then put the pressure right back on Steve by winning the third set and taking a 4/3 lead in the fourth.  It is a shame that Bryn had to pull out of yesterday’s doubles as he clearly has hands that can withstand the ball at top pace.

1st Singles Semi Final

Rob Fahey def. Ben Matthews 6/2 6/1 6/2

2nd Singles Semi Final

Steve Virgona def. Bryn Sayers 6/2 6/2 4/6 6/5

The second match was classic stuff so please join us tomorrow (Sunday 30

Janauary) for the Link Pumps Doubles Australian Open Final at 2PM.

Day 4

Unfortunately due to an injury to Bryn Sayers only one Doubles Semi Final was played which saw the World Champions Fahey/Virgona easily account for Gunn/Chapman.

1st Doubles Semi Final

(1) Fahey/Virgona def. (4) Gunn/Chapman 6/1 6/2 6/0

2ns Doubles Semi Final

(3) Matthews/Snow def. (2) Sayers/Booth w/o

Day 3

Today the Singles quarter finals were played with the highlight being the match between Ruaraidh Gunn and Ben Matthews.  It was a very tight match but as the match lengthened it favoured the younger Matthews.

Sayers def. Booth 6/3 6/2 6/2

Virgona def. Chapman 6/3 6/1 6/1

Fahey def. Happell 6/2 6/1 6/1

Matthews def. Gunn   6/0 5/6 6/3 6/2

Day 2

Day 2 has seen some fabulous quarter final doubles action.  The show piece match between Matthews/Snow and Happell/Richardson lived up to all expectations.  Matthews and Snow looked like taking the match in straight sets before the other pair levelled it at 2 sets apiece.  Only in the fifth set were Snow and Matthews able to pull away thanks largely to the steadiness of Ben Matthews at the net – whilst the other three players made the occasional error Ben was able to dictate play which proved the difference.

Day 2 results:

Fahey/Virgona def. Greenhalph/Williams 6/0 6/0 6/0

Chapman/Gunn def. Howell/Tabley 6/1 6/1 6/3

Matthews/Snow def. Happell/Richardson 6/1 6/3 3/6 3/6 6/2

Sayers/Booth def. Filippelli/Fowler 6/1 6/2 6/1

Day 1

The first day of competition mostly followed the form guide.  The highlight was Ben Matthews’s match against our Frank Filippelli.  Frank did his best to wind back the clock but could not quite close out a set.  Tomorrow is doubles quarter finals day with the following two matches being the best picks for those thinking of coming in (please see the RMTC website for the full draw):

1PM (3) B. Matthews/J. Snow versus M. Happell/B. Richardson; and

3.30PM (2) B. Sayers/K. Booth versus F. Filippelli/A. Fowler

Day 1 results:

R. Fahey def. C. White 6/0 6/0 6/0

M. Happell def. A. Fowler 6/2 6/3 6/1

B. Matthews def. F. Filippelli 6/4 6/4 6/4

R. Gunn def. M. Benkemoun 6/0 6/1 6/2

B. Sayers def. B. Richardson 6/3 6/1 6/0

K. Booth def. C. Greenhalph 6/1 6/1 6/3

C. Chapman def. D. Williams 6/1 6/2 6/1

S. Virgona def. J. Gould 6/0 6/1 6/0

Owen Guest

RMTC Boomerang Cup 2011 – Congratulations to RMTC Galacticos

RMTC Boomerang Cup 2011

Congratulations to the RMTC Galacticos for winning the 2011 Boomerang Cup.  Julian Snow’s team of Dan Williams, Michael Williams, Wally Cockram and Rudi Michelson defeated the Seacourt Sandscratchers in front of a large crowd.  One hundred and ninety players started the tournament and almost all were there to watch whether the arch villain Snow could finally lead a team to victory following many previously doomed attempts.  The arch villain had to contend with all sorts of distractions during the final before his team could claim victory including a noisy crowd, opposition players and even noisier next door squash players!  Julian who played the tournament off +5 is now clearly the lowest handicapped player to win the Boomerang which is a fine achievement on its own.

The Final Presentation Dinner was held in the Melbourne Museum on Saturday night for a crowd of almost three hundred.  We had entertainment, speeches as well as presentations (Ed. and let’s face it they’re not the same thing!) all making for a wonderful night to cap off the tremendous support we have received for this event.  Tony Poolman was also acknowledged for his previous contributions to the Boomerang and named as the inaugural entrant into the Boomerang Hall of Fame.

The Winners List reads as follows:

Boomerang Cup Semi Finalists

Hampton Court Banshees – Susie Falkner, Robert Falkner, Andrew Gould, Sue Haswell, Alec Miller and Tim Lintott.

Newmarket Nasties – John Burnett, John Mears, Anthony Puckridge, Julian Stafford and Nicholas Stogdon.

Boomerang Cup Runners Up

Seacourt Sandscratchers – Adrian Warden, Mark Bethell, Kevin Jacobs, Norman Smith and Jeremy Way.

Boomerang Cup Winners

RMTC Galacticos – Julian Snow, Dan Williams, Michael Williams, Wally Cockram and Rudi Michelson.

RMTC Handicap Double A

Runners Up – Rudi Michelson and Andrew Petrie

Winners – Kip Curren and James Gould

RMTC Handicap Doubles B

Runners Up – Barry Wykes and Chris Knight

Winners – Andrew Schnaider and Michael Petruccelli

Owen Guest

President, Royal Melbourne Tennis Club


Andrew Buckle

Chairman, Boomerang 2011 Organising Committee 

Boomerang Update #3

Round 16 Results:

HK Raiders def. RMTC Cardinals 4/0

MCC Demons def. Hobart Devils 3/1

RMTC Galacticos def. RMTC Roaring 40s 2/2

RTC Banshees def. Ballarat Nuggets 3/1

Newmarket Nasties def. MCC Crickets 4/0

Hampton Court Royals def. Mad Hatters 3/1

Seacourt Sandscratchers def. Manchester City United 2/2

Hampton Court Tudors def. Holyport All Stars 2/2

Congratulations to all 16 teams on surviving to this point.  And as we write this the remaining 8 teams are playing – early results are showing that Julian Snow’s Galacticos are through to the semi-finals!

Boomerang Update #2

Good morning members and friends

Results from Boomerang 2011 still make for grim tidings for the RMTC teams.  Of the 12 top placed teams the home club is represented by only four.  The leading teams from each pool are as follows:

Pool 1 (wins/matches):

RMTC Hong Kong Raiders 3/3

RMTC Galacticos 3/3

Pool 2:

Hampton Court Royals 3/3

RMTC Cardinals ¾

Pool 3:

RMTC Roaring 40s 4/4

Newmarket Nasties 2/3

Pool 4:

MCC Demons 3/4

Hatfield Hatters 3/3

Pool 5:

Holyport All Stars 2/3

Hampton Court Banshees 2/2

Pool 6:

Ballarat Gold Nuggets 2.5/3

Leamington Lemmings 2/3

The handicap doubles continues alongside the Boomerang for those who can’t get enough tennis and there have been a few notable performances.  The bonds of marriage between Susie and Rob Falkner are still strong following their first two matches together and the team of Haswell/Gould is taking on all comers with ease.

Tomorrow night proceedings will temporarily cease once again as the RMTC hosts the President’s (billet’s) cocktail party from 6PM.  For those of you who could not join us this year we are missing you and wish you were here.

Owen Guest


Boomerang update

 Good morning from The Royal Melbourne Tennis Club.


As we start play on Thursday 13th January you will be pleased to know that the 2011 Boomerang is in full swing.  Heavy rain and humidity notwithstanding the mood is jovial and the tennis players are full of passion.  Of the 34 teams entered (14 from overseas, 17 RMTC and 3 from Ballarat and Hobart) most have now played two ties each and so far, RMTC teams are fairing little better than the Australian cricket team.  The results are presented below, but briefly speaking, the teams have been split into six pools with the top two from each pool plus four lucky losers going through to the finals after four pool match-ups.  And at this stage only four RMTC teams look like making the finals (Ed. Stewards!).


Leaders in each Pool (wins/matches):

Pool 1

RMTC/Petworth HK Raiders (aka The World’s Worst Pilots) 2/2

RMTC Galacticos 2/2

Pool 2

RMTC Cardinals 2/3

Hampton Court Royals 2/2

Pool 3

Hampton Court Tudors 1.5/2

RMTC Roaring 40s 2/2

Pool 4

Radley Arrivists 2/2

Hatfield Mad Hatters 2/2

Pool 5

Hampton Court Banshees 2/2

Ballarat Eurekas 1/2

Hobart Devils 1/2

Holyport All Stars 1/2

Pool 6

Ballarat Gold Nuggets 2/2

Leamington Leemings 1.5/2


As you can see, even after claiming the HK Raiders as one of our own the RMTC teams are being shown up as underprepared, badly coached and otherwise unable to cope with the well greased outfits from abroad (Ed. Actually anywhere outside of Melbourne).


It’s not too late for an RMTC team to make a charge at the title but in the meantime, team preparations are due to take backstage as this evening we (Ed. About 250 of us) make our way to the MCG for the Mid-Tournament Dinner.


Owen Guest


January Update

Dear members

Please read on as we have a few reminders to get through.

–     2011 Boomerang Cup –

The Boomerang is set to start this Saturday on 8th January.  For those of you who are not directly involved but would like to attend any of the Welcome Cocktail Party, Mid-tournament Dinner or Final Presentation Dinner, you are most welcome and the details are as follows:

Welcome Cocktail Party at the Melbourne Club on Monday 10th January from

6 to 8PM.

Mid-tournament Dinner at the MCG on Thursday 13th January at 7 for 7.30PM.

Final Presentation Dinner (during which the player auction for the Pro-Am to take place on the 23rd will take place) on Saturday 22nd January at 7 for 7.30PM.

You can sign up for all three of these functions in the club (or call the pros).  Clothing for all functions should be Jacket and Tie.

–     Link Pumps Australian Open and Doubles World Championship –

The Link Pumps Australian Open Doubles Final will take place on Sunday 30th January at 2PM and will be accompanied by a spit roast lunch from 1PM.

The Link Pumps Australian Open Singles Final will take place on Monday 31st January at 6PM.

The Doubles World Championship Final takes place over two days, Friday and Saturday 4th and 5th of February (6PM on Friday and 2PM on Saturday).

 A dinner to commemorate the event will take place at Kooyong on Saturday 5th February at 7 for 7.30PM.

Sign-up sheets are now up for each match day as well as the lunch and dinner.

–     Annual Bookings –

Could members with annual bookings please note that during the month of January most of your bookings have been cancelled as a result of the Boomerang Cup and other events.  Please check the online booking system to see how this effects you.

Happy New Year

Owen Guest