The 2010 Melbourne Cup will be remembered by a few at the RMTC, partly for it being the first time the race was shown on the club’s new big screen, partly for Euhana Varigos’s reaction to her partner’s (Julian Snow) failure to protect her from a C.J. thunderbolt, but mostly for the Champagne generously purchased by Julian Snow following Americain’s win in the Cup which he backed at 100:1 last August!

Prior to the big race 10 doubles teams played 4 matches each.  Some of the better performing teams on the day were Fiona Hewson and Vince Scopelliti, James Gould and C.J., and Owen Guest and Jonners but with there being no semi-finals there was no room for any slipups.  The final was played between Charles Foster and John MacKinnon (who wore a blue vest which had only one redeeming feature – it was marginally more attractive than James Guest’s black externally worn back brace) and Euhana Varigos and Julian Snow.  The handicap of Rec30 Owe 15 1 serve ban tambour and chases ¾ was never enough to trouble the middle aged firm of Varigos and Snow; in fact ever since Euhana put young C.J. in his place for hitting a particularly good shot at her all of their remaining opponents appeared to be enspelled and unable to do anything but rally gently with Julian to their inevitable doom.


Snow/Varigos def. Foster/MacKinnon 6/3

Well done to the Winners and well done also to Jonathan Howell who put the day together, cooked lunch, made dessert, played tennis to please and made sure that it was a cheery day for everyone.

Owen Guest