February 2010

1st Quarterly Medal for 2010

The first Quarterly Medal for 2010 was held at the Club on Saturday, 27th February. A full field of 20 players competed in the morning and afternoon competitions, with some excellent tennis and close matches played.

The winners on the day – and all undefeated in their four matches – were:

Brigitte Claney
Greg Moran
Ed Welch
Charles Foster

Brigitte, Greg, Ed and Charles are now eligible to compete in the Medal of Medallists competition on Finals Day on 5 December.

The next Quarterly Medal competition will be played on Saturday, 29th May.

World Championship Eliminator

On behalf of the RMTC I’d like to report that we were all privileged to witness a wonderful match between Ruaraidh Gunn and Camden Riviere in the first leg of the 2010 Eliminator series last night on February 9. In what is shaping up as a very tight World Championship Challenge the first match was watched by 213 people in 30° plus heat and just as occurred in 2008, Camden emerged victorious in 5 sets.

The match was as much a war of attrition as it was a showcase of skill and power hitting. When Ruaraidh led the match 2 sets to 1 it looked like his combined speed and rugged floor game would prevail in the oppressive match conditions (truth be told, the players looked like they were coping with the heat far better than the spectators, it can get very hot in the side galleries you know ). However, Camden’s seemingly contained on court persona masks not only his competitiveness but also his tactical awareness. Time and again Ruaraidh placed Camden under immense pressure in rallies, particularly to his forehand (remember Camden is left handed), as he both retrieved and forced to an awkward length only for Camden to blunt the pace and somehow manage to move Ruaraidh from side to side. Often the rallies would end with Camden making a seemingly simple shot into a hazard or winning gallery. The serves employed by each player were also contrasting, Ruaraidh mixed Railroads and Giraffes whereas Camden used an occasional Drag to complement his Railroad although neither player had a clear advantage in this department. Obviously the margin between these two players is small but if Camden has an edge it must his ability to dictate the pace of the match in the early and mid stages before opening up his game with more aggression later.

We wish both players all the best for the remainder of their respective World Championship Challenges and also to the other clubs hosting matches in this series, Aitken, Philadelphia, Seacort and Tuxedo we hope you are also treated just as we were last night.

Camden Riviere defeated Ruaraidh Gunn
4/6 6/2 5/6 6/0 6/2


Owen Guest
Vice President