February 2009

Pizza Night – 27 March

The renowned RMTC pizza specialists – Lizzie Brown, Frank Filippelli, and Michael Petruccelli – have been persuaded to put on another of their very popular evenings, on Friday 27 March starting at around 6-00pm.

The evening will be a fundraiser for Dan Williams, Simon Carr and Paul Rosedale who have been selected for the U26 Australian team touring England and America in July, where they will represent us in the inaugural George Limb Trophy at Lord’s in London, and then attempt to regain the Clothier Cup in Newport, Rhode Island.

The cost is $20 per person, with an (initial) limit of 60 spots. Please sign up at the club or call the pro-shop.

See you there.

George Limb Trophy & Clothier Cup trials

The RMTC hosted the second week-end of trials for the Australian juniors (U26) tour to the UK and US in July 2009, where they will be playing for the inaugural George Limb Trophy at Lord’s in London, and then attempting to regain the Clothier Cup in Newport (Rhode Island).
The results were as follows:
21 Feb
Nick Shelton bt Paul Rosedale 8-3
Patrick Dunne bt Simon Carr 8-3
Daniel Williams bt Hamish Welch 8-6
Paul Rosedale bt Ed Welch 8-3
Hilton Booth bt Peter Estcourt 8-5
Patrick Dunne bt Nick Shelton 8-3
Simon Carr bt Hamish Welch 8-5
Hilton Booth bt Daniel Williams 8-5
22 Feb
Paul Rosedale bt Simon Carr 8-6
Daniel Williams bt Ed Welch 8-2
Nick Shelton bt Hamish Welch 8-7
Patrick Dunne bt Paul Rosedale 8-4
Hilton Booth bt Owen Guest 6-5,6-2
Simon Carr bt Nick Shelton 8-3
Patrick Dunne bt Daniel Williams 8-3
Hilton Booth & Jonnie Davies bt Kieran Booth & Tim Poolman 8-0 (h’cap), losing 3-5 (level).
The team will be selected by the ARTA tennis sub-committee later this week.

Julian Snow