A most impressive attendance of 12 pairs (plus assorted hangers-on) attempted gamely to break J. Hewson’s stranglehold on the highly-prized 100 & Overs trophy on Sunday, but in the end no-one could find a way past the cunning septuagenarian (adequately supported on the day by the club’s vice-president).

Such was Hewson’s bravado and power in the match after the cheese course, some in the dedans suggested that he may have imbibed a little red wine over lunch, thus providing this great gladiator of the court with a chemically-enhanced advantage.

The fallen pair in the final was led by P. Wheeler (and assisted by J. Wheeler), who had himself partnered Hewson to two of his historic 100 & Overs victories, but who could not draw on that experience to find a way past this wily warrior. Wheeler and Wheeler seemed to find some comfort in the thought that Parent & Offspring success might provide something of a counterpoint to this day’s disappointment.

The third of the tournament’s septuagenarians, JVC Guest, did not receive the support he needed from his partner (and blog post author) J. Howard, and did not proceed to the pointy end of the tournament.